Happy Birthday, Mom!

I don’t know what we’re going to do.

Neither do I.

How can we get Mom a birthday present today if we can’t go out of the back yard?

I know she won’t let us do any shopping online.  She’s told us before that we aren’t allowed to do that.

She said we can’t have any of those plastic card things that humans call credit cards.

I know and that’s how they pay for things when they shop online so even if we could find something neat for Mom we wouldn’t be able to buy it.

I wonder if there’s anything in the back yard we could wrap up for her.  I know that one time I brought her a bird she wasn’t real happy so I won’t be doing that again.

What if we picked her some flowers?

That might work.  Except that you know both of us love to pull the flowers out of the vase so Mom doesn’t even keep flowers in the house now.

Maybe we could ask the human and fur readers what we can do.

Good idea!  Does anyone out there know what we can do special for Mom today since it’s her birthday?

For now we can tell Mom how much we love her and how much we hope she has a super special day.

Happy Birthday, Mom!  We’ll try to be extra good today just for you.

However, tomorrow all bets are off.

Shakespeare, that wasn’t very smart.  Now if anything happens tomorrow Mom will blame you.  Hey….on second thought that works for me.  I can be naughty and you’ll get blamed.

Not fair, Hemingway!  Mom……….if anything happens tomorrow it’s not my fault!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom!

  1. Happy Birthday, Pam! I hope this is a very special day for you.

    For Shakespeare and Hemingway, how about you be extra good kitties today and even hop up on your mom’s lap and purr for awhile. I know I would enjoy that!

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