The Helper

I don’t know why, but Mom keeps saying that she doesn’t want me in the same state when she’s trying to make her bed.  I just want to have fun and I love it when she’s tossing those sheets and blankets around.  I’ve discovered that there’s a big machine downstairs that puts water on everything and then Mom adds something to make the water all foamy.  She says that she’s adding  soap to make the clothes and things clean.  In the warmer months (and sometimes even in the colder ones) she likes to hang the stuff on some special lines  outside to dry.  Since I’m usually outside playing I can tell what’s going on and if I see her hanging sheets outside (those are the really big pieces of material), then I know I’m in for some fun as soon as they’re dry.  Mom tries to sneak things past me, but I always know.  Last week she thought she had finally discovered the trick.  She brought the sheets in but then she didn’t make the bed right away because she knew I was watching.  Later I was taking my nap on the couch and she figured I was sound asleep and wouldn’t notice anything.  WRONG!!!  I have cat ears and cat eyes and nothing gets past me.  She just got started making the bed and I jumped up right in the middle of everything.  It was so much fun.  Mom finally had to shut the door to keep me out so she could make the bed.  As soon as the opened the door again I ran in and jumped up on the bed just to make sure she had done everything correctly.  I love helping Mom, but helping is hard work so I need a nap.

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