Confusion Explained

I wonder if our readers are confused….


Well, we’ve been quiet for several days now.

You’re never quiet!

Neither are you……..especially if there is food around!  However, I meant that we haven’t written anything on our blog for several days now.

I wonder if there’s a connection……….

What are you talking about?

Well, Mom hasn’t been feeling good for several days and we’ve been quiet for several days…..

That’s it!!!  There is a connection!  We get concerned about Mom when she doesn’t feel good so we spend all our time with her when she’s home and we don’t even go near the computer.

Is Mom going to feel good when she comes home from work tonight?

I don’t know.  Why?

Well, I sure hope we get to go outside and play.

She let us go outside last night so I’m sure she’ll let us go outside tonight.  She knows we love all that fresh air.

Know what I don’t like?

Besides an empty food dish, what?

That one little noisy bird that keeps yelling at us whenever we’re out in the yard.  We don’t even go near him and he starts screaming.  He’s got to be one spoiled little brat!

He just thinks he owns the yard and we need to gently tell him that he doesn’t.  That’s why it’s important for us to walk around in the yard so everyone knows it belongs to us.

Mom………..hurry up and get home ‘cuz we need to go out and “patrol the perimeters”.

Where on earth did you hear that phrase?

It was on TV one time.

Goofball!  We better take a nap so we’re ready to play when Mom gets home.

Mom’s Smart….

I was just lying outside tonight thinking about really important things.  Before you say it, Shakespeare….I was NOT thinking about treats.  Anyway, as I went over things in my kitty brain, it suddenly dawned on me how spooky smart Mom is.


Remember the other night when Mom brushed and brushed and brushed me?

Sure, I was downstairs taking a nap where it’s cool.

You missed out on something really nice.  Anyway, I was so happy that Mom spent that much time with just me.  So, during the night I thought I would return the favor.  I kept trying to groom Mom’s hair all night long and she kept moving around and kept telling me to stop so she could sleep.

She said she wasn’t real happy with you ‘cuz she had to go to work really tired.

Well, she figured out what I was thinking and why I kept trying to groom her hair that night.  She knew I was just trying to repay the favor.  Now she doesn’t spend as much time brushing me ‘cuz she wants to get some sleep.  She said she’ll do the long sessions of brushing on the weekends.

Boy, Mom really is smart.

I think I’ll probably still groom her hair ‘cuz I love her and want to take care of her.

I lick her fingers and arms to make sure they’re clean.

We all have our different ways of showing love, don’t we?

Yes, now let’s get back to playing outside before the rain comes.


I love to be brushed!  I think it’s a fun game that Mom and I play.  Shakespeare hates to be brushed so he misses out on the game.

I don’t want anyone touching my fur.  It’s too beautiful as it is.

You could use a little brushing.  You pick up leaves and grass and stuff when you’re outside.

Well, unlike you, I manage to get my fur cleaned all by myself.

That’s silly.  You could get brushed and you would feel so good.  Last night Mom brushed and brushed and brushed me.  She said I had a couple of knots that she wanted to get out.

She brushed out enough fur to build another kitty.

I know.  I feel so thin now!

You’re not thin!

You’re just jealous ‘cuz Mom spent so much time brushing me.  I just wonder why all that fur comes out of me.  Is it because it’s so hot and I don’t need it?  Will it grow back in when it gets cold?  Is that why humans have to wear all those clothes…….’cuz they don’t have fur?  I think it’s much better to have fur.  Yes, getting brushed is about as good as when humans go to a spa and get a massage.

What do you know about that?

I read things on the internet.  The internet never lies…… least that’s what it says on the internet.

Mom’s Home!

Mom’s finally home and we’re so happy.

First thing she did was let us go outside to play.

Then she got us some fresh catnip.

We’re happy, happy kitties.

We do have a question, though.  You know that thing on the wall with the numbers?

And we’re not talking about that thing you humans call a clock that tells Mom when it’s too late for us to go outside.

No, we’re talking about that thing you humans call a calendar.

Mom’s calendar has kitties on it!

Anyway, we decided that one whole line of numbered boxes or what  you  call a week is way too long for Mom to be gone!

Yes, even though she stopped by to visit us a few times it wasn’t the same.

It took too many hours for one of those weeks to pass.  We don’t want Mom to be gone that long again.  We’re even thinking of hiding her suitcase!

Do the rest of you fur people have your humans leaving for that long?

Mom talks about taking vacations and that when she does it’s usually for a week at least.  Why does she think she needs to take a vacation from us?

Well, I can sure think of things you do to drive her crazy!

Hush!  This is serious.  We have to sit down and discuss this vacation concept.  I don’t think it fits into our world.

I’m going to go sit by the window and wait for Mom to get home.  I’m too tired to think.

Now that you mention it, I’m too tired as well.  Let’s get ready to rush out the door as soon as Mom gets home.

Good idea!

What Did You Do?

I wonder what all Mom is putting in here.

Mom’s packing!

What did you do now?


Well, if she’s packing she’s probably going to run away and that means you did something bad.

Why me?  Maybe she’s running away from you!

I didn’t keep her awake last night and I didn’t get kicked out of her room.

I just wanted her to wake up and pet me.  Then I noticed her hair was a little messy so I tried to groom it for her.

She doesn’t like that.

I know.  That’s why I ended up on the other side of the door.  But that’s not why Mom’s leaving.

How do you know?

I looked at the calendar and she has a note on that she’s going to go take care of some fur people so their human parents can go on a vacation.

Is she taking care of kitty fur people?

Nope.  She’s taking care of dog fur people and they’re pretty big dogs.  I’m sure you’ve seen them in the yard next door when they come to visit their “grandma”.  Mom said that at least at that house there is air conditioning so she’ll be comfortable.

I wonder if we can sneak over there with her.

Look……..I fit in here. Mom will never know I’m in here and then I’ll get to go to the house with the air conditioning. Dear readers………..please don’t tell on me!

I don’t see why not.  I like dogs but you are so jumpy that you’d probably make them bark.

Will she be gone long?

Just one whole row on that calendar thing.  I think humans call that a week.

Does Uncle Bob know where our food is and where Mom keeps the treats?

If he doesn’t, I’m sure you can tell him!

I better take a quick look in here and make sure Mom hasn’t packed any of our treats.

Friday the 13th

I have a question.

You usually do.

Quiet.  This is serious.  Besides, Mom told you to be nice.

What is it now?

Why are some humans and fur people afraid of Friday the 13th?

I’m not sure.  It has something to do with the number 13 and if it falls on a Friday it means bad luck.

That makes no sense!  Fridays are right before Saturdays and Saturdays are part of the weekend so all humans and fur people should be excited.

I agree with you.

So, let’s change how the humans think about Friday the 13th.


Let’s tell them to think of 13 things they really like to do, see, read or eat and they can do them all on Friday the 13th.

That’s a wonderful idea.

Let’s start on our list to give them an idea.  First of all there’s treats.

Yes, I knew that was going to be mentioned.  How about naps?

Rolling in the grass.

Having Mom brush us.

Unwrapping a new toy.

Listening to the birds sing.


Talking to an old friend.

Getting tummy rubs.

Chewing on fresh catnip.

Trying some new food.

Going for a ride.

Writing a blog.

We did it!  We came up with 13 things.  Now it’s time for our fur people and human readers to do the same.  We just have to make Friday the 13th fun for everyone!

About that first item on our list…………..where’s Mom?


We need some help from our human and fur people readers.

We’ve been thinking about lots of things lately and now we want to take action.  Hemingway, you know more words than I do so please explain.

The weather finally got better and we don’t have temperatures in the 100’s so Shakespeare and I really enjoy being outside again.  Even Mom was outside doing some work in the yard and then later she was reading.

I noticed that you didn’t tell our readers that as soon as Mom put the blanket on the ground so she could lie down and read, you sprawled out right in the middle of it so she had very little room.

Why do you always change the subject?  You wanted me to explain what we’ve been thinking about.

Sorry.  I see something naughty and I have to mention it.  I think I’m supposed to be a reporter when I grow up.

Enough!!!  Yesterday we got to stay outside all day long.  It was fabulous.  We chased bugs.  We played with Champ the dog who lives next door.  We watched the birds.  We rolled in the grass and dirt.

Oh how we loved it all!  Here’s a picture of us just relaxing outside and not fighting.

Mom always tells us to play nice but sometimes we forget and we race around and knock things down.

This shows that we can be together and be nice.

Mom told us that because it’s the weekend, she doesn’t have to go to work and that’s why we got to be outside for so many hours.  She warned us this morning that tomorrow is the start of her work week and we won’t be able to be outside during the day so we better really enjoy it today.

We hate work weeks!

So, we want to get a law passed to make weekends five days long and work weeks only two days long.  I know Mom would be in favor of it ‘cuz she likes to be outside with us.

We just don’t know what the first step is to get this law passed.

We mentioned it to Mom and she just kind of laughed at us but told us we could give it a try so that’s what we’re going to do.

Who do we need to contact to get this law passed?

Do any of you, our very special readers, have any ideas?  Maybe a “Fur People Parade” to start things off……..

Maybe we could talk to the companies that make our treats and they could put messages on the treat bags.

How on earth do you always turn everything around to food????  I just don’t get it!!!!

Never mind………….Let’s just give our readers a chance to think and get back to us.  For now we better go out and lie under the trees and enjoy the sounds of summer.

Everybody outside………it’s still the weekend!

Happy Fourth of July

Mom said we should take time to wish all the humans and fur people a Happy Fourth of July!

We’re not doing much celebrating because it’s too hot.  In fact, Hemingway got in trouble again this morning.

You are such a tattler!

Well, I heard Mom telling you to quit knocking things off the entertainment center, desk and end tables.

Mom wouldn’t pay attention to me.  She should have known I had to go outside.

I wanted to go out too, but I figured I should be good ‘cuz I knew Mom didn’t get much sleep and she was not in a very happy mood.

Well, I notice that you ran right out the door with me.

Sure……..why not?

Mom was out talking to one of her human neighbors and I came up to join in the conversation.  It’s so hot outside and I started panting.  The neighbor was amazed that I knew how to do that.

I’ve been doing it, too!  We’re both hot and we try to find cool places.  You try walking around with all this fur…..not to mention a gloriously fluffy tail.

My tail is big and fluffy, too.  Besides I get hotter ‘cuz my fur is black. 

Why did we start writing this blog today?

Oh, that’s right.  We wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July.  You fur people stay away from the fireworks.  If the noise bothers you, tell your humans to take you downstairs to a safe place.

If you’re having really hot weather like we are, be sure to drink lots of water and stay out of the sunshine.

We have to go find some shade now and enjoy the breeze.