We need some help from our human and fur people readers.

We’ve been thinking about lots of things lately and now we want to take action.  Hemingway, you know more words than I do so please explain.

The weather finally got better and we don’t have temperatures in the 100’s so Shakespeare and I really enjoy being outside again.  Even Mom was outside doing some work in the yard and then later she was reading.

I noticed that you didn’t tell our readers that as soon as Mom put the blanket on the ground so she could lie down and read, you sprawled out right in the middle of it so she had very little room.

Why do you always change the subject?  You wanted me to explain what we’ve been thinking about.

Sorry.  I see something naughty and I have to mention it.  I think I’m supposed to be a reporter when I grow up.

Enough!!!  Yesterday we got to stay outside all day long.  It was fabulous.  We chased bugs.  We played with Champ the dog who lives next door.  We watched the birds.  We rolled in the grass and dirt.

Oh how we loved it all!  Here’s a picture of us just relaxing outside and not fighting.

Mom always tells us to play nice but sometimes we forget and we race around and knock things down.

This shows that we can be together and be nice.

Mom told us that because it’s the weekend, she doesn’t have to go to work and that’s why we got to be outside for so many hours.  She warned us this morning that tomorrow is the start of her work week and we won’t be able to be outside during the day so we better really enjoy it today.

We hate work weeks!

So, we want to get a law passed to make weekends five days long and work weeks only two days long.  I know Mom would be in favor of it ‘cuz she likes to be outside with us.

We just don’t know what the first step is to get this law passed.

We mentioned it to Mom and she just kind of laughed at us but told us we could give it a try so that’s what we’re going to do.

Who do we need to contact to get this law passed?

Do any of you, our very special readers, have any ideas?  Maybe a “Fur People Parade” to start things off……..

Maybe we could talk to the companies that make our treats and they could put messages on the treat bags.

How on earth do you always turn everything around to food????  I just don’t get it!!!!

Never mind………….Let’s just give our readers a chance to think and get back to us.  For now we better go out and lie under the trees and enjoy the sounds of summer.

Everybody outside………it’s still the weekend!

13 thoughts on “THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW……

  1. I think that yous might have a good idea but I don’t know how to change the system…wait…would that mean I only get to go to work 2 days a week instead of 6 days like now? What would I do at home all the time, when would I get my ride in the car? I like my workins, and besides the computer is at work, not at home…we better think this over!
    Luvs, PlumaB
    PS Mom says I can’t go to the olly-impics acause I’m not allowed out of the yard.

    1. We can’t go to the “olly=impics” either ‘cuz Mom said we have to stay in our own yard. She also said we probably wouldn’t understand the fur people over there ‘cuz they have accents.
      Maybe you can get lots of overtime if you work during the longer weekends. That way you could get more toys and more treats!

  2. I think Hemingway & Shakespeare have a very good idea about changing the work week schedule ! I must say the two of them are not only very intelligent but super handsome as well. thanks for your posts kitties, I am a new reader & really enjoy you photos & words !

    1. Oh, we love new readers! Mom has told us it’s a very big world but we can’t go out of our back yard. With the computer we get to “see” more of this big world. Thank you for reading our blog and thinking our new work week schedule sounds good. We try to come up with new ideas that will help us and Mom. Nice meeting you!

  3. Good idea. First you got to turn your idea into a bill. Maybe you should just roll it into an omnibus bill. Yeah, something like that.
    Your friend, Roxi

    1. We don’t know the answer to that one ‘cuz we don’t have any little hoomans in our house. Maybe one of our other readers can help. After all, we have to make sure the law is just right! Does your fur sometimes get too hot for you? We noticed that our fur coats are really hot in the bright sunshine.

      1. Mummy keeps us inside if it is really bad and whee have a special wind maker so whee stay pretty cool. Not that whee are having any problems with the heat. It keeps raining and some places in the UK have flooded. Whatever ‘flooded’ is. It seems to upset hoomans so it can’t be good.


      2. I think I know what flooded is.
        Shakespeare, are you telling “tails” again?
        Nope, not me! I have to type quietly or Hemingway will catch me. Once when Hemingway dumped a dish of water, Mom said he “flooded” the place. If that’s true, then flooded doesn’t sound like a good thing.

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