Mom’s Home!

Mom’s finally home and we’re so happy.

First thing she did was let us go outside to play.

Then she got us some fresh catnip.

We’re happy, happy kitties.

We do have a question, though.  You know that thing on the wall with the numbers?

And we’re not talking about that thing you humans call a clock that tells Mom when it’s too late for us to go outside.

No, we’re talking about that thing you humans call a calendar.

Mom’s calendar has kitties on it!

Anyway, we decided that one whole line of numbered boxes or what  you  call a week is way too long for Mom to be gone!

Yes, even though she stopped by to visit us a few times it wasn’t the same.

It took too many hours for one of those weeks to pass.  We don’t want Mom to be gone that long again.  We’re even thinking of hiding her suitcase!

Do the rest of you fur people have your humans leaving for that long?

Mom talks about taking vacations and that when she does it’s usually for a week at least.  Why does she think she needs to take a vacation from us?

Well, I can sure think of things you do to drive her crazy!

Hush!  This is serious.  We have to sit down and discuss this vacation concept.  I don’t think it fits into our world.

I’m going to go sit by the window and wait for Mom to get home.  I’m too tired to think.

Now that you mention it, I’m too tired as well.  Let’s get ready to rush out the door as soon as Mom gets home.

Good idea!