I love to be brushed!  I think it’s a fun game that Mom and I play.  Shakespeare hates to be brushed so he misses out on the game.

I don’t want anyone touching my fur.  It’s too beautiful as it is.

You could use a little brushing.  You pick up leaves and grass and stuff when you’re outside.

Well, unlike you, I manage to get my fur cleaned all by myself.

That’s silly.  You could get brushed and you would feel so good.  Last night Mom brushed and brushed and brushed me.  She said I had a couple of knots that she wanted to get out.

She brushed out enough fur to build another kitty.

I know.  I feel so thin now!

You’re not thin!

You’re just jealous ‘cuz Mom spent so much time brushing me.  I just wonder why all that fur comes out of me.  Is it because it’s so hot and I don’t need it?  Will it grow back in when it gets cold?  Is that why humans have to wear all those clothes…….’cuz they don’t have fur?  I think it’s much better to have fur.  Yes, getting brushed is about as good as when humans go to a spa and get a massage.

What do you know about that?

I read things on the internet.  The internet never lies…… least that’s what it says on the internet.

2 thoughts on “Brushing

  1. Hey there, Hemingway & Shakespeare. We never visited you guys blog before. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

    For the most part, we’re with ever of you writes in orange. Our Dad tries to brush us, but most of us don’t help him much at all.

    1. Very nice to meet you and thanks so much for reading our blog. We’re having so much fun with it and Mom says it keeps us out of trouble for a little bit.
      Shakespeare is the one who writes in orange ‘cuz he’s the orange kitty. I’m Hemingway and I’m a Tuxedo cat so I write in black. I’m also the smartest but I’m sure Shakespeare would try to argue about that.
      You should let your Dad brush you ‘cuz it really feels good!

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