Confusion Explained

I wonder if our readers are confused….


Well, we’ve been quiet for several days now.

You’re never quiet!

Neither are you……..especially if there is food around!  However, I meant that we haven’t written anything on our blog for several days now.

I wonder if there’s a connection……….

What are you talking about?

Well, Mom hasn’t been feeling good for several days and we’ve been quiet for several days…..

That’s it!!!  There is a connection!  We get concerned about Mom when she doesn’t feel good so we spend all our time with her when she’s home and we don’t even go near the computer.

Is Mom going to feel good when she comes home from work tonight?

I don’t know.  Why?

Well, I sure hope we get to go outside and play.

She let us go outside last night so I’m sure she’ll let us go outside tonight.  She knows we love all that fresh air.

Know what I don’t like?

Besides an empty food dish, what?

That one little noisy bird that keeps yelling at us whenever we’re out in the yard.  We don’t even go near him and he starts screaming.  He’s got to be one spoiled little brat!

He just thinks he owns the yard and we need to gently tell him that he doesn’t.  That’s why it’s important for us to walk around in the yard so everyone knows it belongs to us.

Mom………..hurry up and get home ‘cuz we need to go out and “patrol the perimeters”.

Where on earth did you hear that phrase?

It was on TV one time.

Goofball!  We better take a nap so we’re ready to play when Mom gets home.