Bathrooms Are Dangerous

In all of my exploring, I’ve discovered that the room humans call a “bathroom” is a dangerous place.

What happened?

The other morning I was in there “helping” Mom brush her teeth and get ready for work.

I know you like to be in there when she’s in there.

Yes, I like to see what humans are doing.  Anyway, I was sitting on the edge of the sink looking out the window instead of paying attention to what Mom was doing.

That probably wasn’t a good idea.

No!  Suddenly my tail seemed to get a little heavy and I turned around and looked and water was building up all around the end of my beautiful black tail.  Mom wasn’t paying attention either and suddenly she started laughing.

That’s what I would have done!

Anyway, she lifted my soggy tail out of the water and tried to dry it off a little.  I just figured I could do a better job on my own so I jumped down and ran away with Mom still laughing.

I heard you come running out of there really fast one night not long ago.

Oh, that was even more frightening.  You know how humans have that funny looking thing that’s their litter box?

You mean the thing with water in it?

Yes.  Well, Mom was watching the Olympics and I wanted to go in and look out of the bathroom window to make sure there weren’t any animals in our yard.

There are other windows you can use.

I know, but I like that one.  So, I was sitting up in the window watching our world and I got tired so I jumped down right on top of that watery thing.  Someone had left the lid up and I didn’t look before I jumped so I landed in the water.

Oh, I wish I would have had the camera handy!  Hahahahahahaha!

Hush!  I was so surprised when my feet and legs got soaked.  I ran out of there super fast and made quite a racket in the process.  Pretty soon I heard Mom come running out and when she saw me and figured out what happened, she just started laughing again.

Mom thought you were a goofball!

It wasn’t my fault.  The humans are supposed to leave the lid down so fur people and humans don’t fall in.  That’s why I think bathrooms are so dangerous.  I would stay out of them, but I still like that window!