I’m a GOOD Kitty!

Shakespeare here and I’m going to tell all our readers about my trip tonight.  Mom tried to make it sound exciting, but you know where she took me?  She took me to see the doctor man!!!  When Mom got home from work I just wanted to go outside and play.  I figured it was going to be a normal night ‘cuz Mom let us out when she got home.  However, I should have known something was up ‘cuz she gave us treats early.  She tried putting me in the carrier and I told her in no uncertain terms that I was not getting into it.  I thought I’d won that battle but next thing I knew she had me wrapped in a towel and was carrying me out to the car.  I was NOT happy!

On the way over to the doctor man’s house, I voiced my thoughts loud and clear.  Mom was really surprised at how loud I could meow.  I showed her!  Mom kept petting me and told me everything was going to be fine.  I was the one who had to see the doctor man…..not her.  Mom had some music that she was playing in the car and she said it was kitty music.  I started listening to it and I could hear birds and other kitties and calming music.  I thought it was nice and I did relax.

Here’s the doctor man greeting me and trying to check to make sure I didn’t have any lumps.  Since Mom was right there I didn’t mind too much.

This was soooooo embarrassing!!!  The doctor man made me get on this thing that tells him how much I weigh.  Stupid Mom took a picture of me on that thing.  I didn’t think that was nice at all.  However, the doctor man told me I was a big kitty but I am not overweight.  I was happy ‘cuz he told Hemingway that he was chunky!

After that I tried hiding behind Mom’s purse so nobody could see me.  I had no idea what was next!

I didn’t know what the doctor man was looking for but I figured if I stayed real still he would quit looking.

Why did you bring me here, Mom?  I just wanted to play outside.  Did you notice I was the ONLY kitty in the waiting room?  Why did I have to be here with all those dogs?  To make matters worse, I had to go into a room where dogs get their exams and shots.  I wanted to be in one of the kitty rooms.

Please God, if I promise to be extra good will you tell Mom to bring Hemingway to see the doctor man in my place next time?

Don’t I look adorable?  I got a new carrier and I really like it.  Maybe going to see the doctor man wasn’t all that bad after all.  I know he told me I got a shot but I sure didn’t feel it.  He’s a good doctor!  I think I was a good kitty at the doctor’s house and Mom agrees.  Besides, some people there told me I was very handsome and I love hearing that!

So, that’s my excitement for the evening.  I think I’m going to go to bed early tonight…..if Hemingway will leave me alone!  If I learned anything from this, I learned that I shouldn’t be afraid of the doctor man.  He’s just making sure I’m healthy and I know if I’m healthy then Mom’s happy.  To my fur people readers, be sure to have your humans take you for regular visits to the doctor’s house so you don’t get sick.

8 thoughts on “I’m a GOOD Kitty!

  1. Good kitty, Shakespeare. And yes, this is to keep you healthy. Glad you feel that it is a good thing to get your check up to make sure you are healthy. Your mommy takes very good care of you and she loves you very much. You are a very lucky kitty. Take care of her!!

    1. Thank you Raven Wings. We are very lucky Mom adopted us and she’s very lucky we adopted her. We all have to take care of each other now and we try our best. At least I know those treats Mom gives me aren’t making me fat so I’m a happy kitty!

  2. You’re right Shakespeare, but since the humans are so smart – or so they claim – can’t they invent some way for the vets to check on us at a distance?
    I don’t like going to the vet… You were very brave!

    1. Thanks for saying I was brave. The doctor man really is nice and Mom says he’s just trying to make sure I’m healthy. However, I’m VERY glad I don’t have to go see him too often. I’m going to tell Mom to turn the camera on next time and he can look at me on the computer. Thanks for the idea!

  3. You hads to go to the vets?! Please accept our condolences! It is horrible there! Last time whee went there was a huge doggy who was going to eat us! Mummy kept patting his head and asking if he wanted to see us. Whee were almost glad when the vet called us!

    Did you suffer the thermometer indignity? *shudders*

    Urgh! Whee hate vets visits!


    1. Well, I’m not real fond of going to see the doctor man, but Mom explained that it’s a good thing ‘cuz she doesn’t want me getting sick. She said she had to take her old kitty to see the doctor people almost every week and that sounds really awful to me. I’m glad I don’t have to go very often. You shouldn’t be too afraid of those doggies. I live by two big doggies and there used to be a doggy in our house so I’m kind of used to them. Of course I’m a lot bigger than you guys are. I hope your next visit is more pleasant. Thanks for keeping in touch with us! We think you’re cute.

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