Professor Hemingway Speaks…

This is one of my favorite thinking spots.  I’m up high enough so I can see in several rooms at once.  I can tell if Shakespeare is eating all our food.  I can tell if Mom is working on the computer.  I can tell if anyone is walking by our house.  I can see birds outside.  Yes, this is my thinking spot.

So what are you thinking about?

I’m thinking that Mom played a really dirty trick on me tonight.


Well, I was outside having all sorts of fun and this little flying thing came right by me and I caught it.  Of course I had to take it in the house to show Mom.

That was dumb.

You’re telling me!  She wasn’t paying attention to me until I started kind of throwing it around in the room where she was sitting.  She came over to see what I had and told me that I shouldn’t be catching butterflies.  At least now I know what they’re called.

I don’t think it’s all your fault.  You just do that naturally.  Remember when you caught that little bird?

Mom was really upset with me then!  I just have these hunting genes in me and they come out at the strangest times.

So what did Mom do with the butterfly?

I don’t know!  All of a sudden it was gone.  I looked all over the house and tried calling for it but I couldn’t find it.  Mom is so sneaky!

Maybe you should just play with the toys Mom got us.  I even like to play with the toys in my new house.

Here I am trying to get my toy mouse to come into my “safe house” with me.

Well, I’ve got to go look and see if I can find that butterfly.  You and your mouse have fun.

7 thoughts on “Professor Hemingway Speaks…

    1. Thank you for liking our blog. We love meeting fur people from all over the world.
      Shakespeare here: I love bread!!! If Mom let me go outside of the back yard, that’s what I would search for.
      Hemingway here: I pretty much like everything except green peas. I’m the hunter but Mom doesn’t really appreciate it.
      We’re both rescue kitties and we’re so glad Mom adopted us. Isn’t it nice to find humans who really love us?

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