Now What Do We Do????

This is how I get happy. I wait for the humans to give me a tummy rub.

We have to help Mom.

What’s wrong?

Mom’s depressed.

What’s that?

I’m not sure.  As you can see, I’ve been lying here thinking about it.  I know Mom told us one time that her Grandma used to say she was going to press things and that meant she was going to get the wrinkles out of clothes with a hot thing she called an iron.

Does Mom have an iron?

Yes, but she doesn’t use it much and I know we wouldn’t be allowed to touch it.

Well, if that’s pressing, then maybe depressing is when you put the wrinkles back in.  I know Mom doesn’t want more wrinkles.  She says those things make her look old.

That’s true.  I’ve heard them talk about being depressed on TV and they seem to be sad.  Maybe that’s it.

Why is she sad?

She says the world thinks she’s too old and wants to put her out to pasture.

Is the pasture like the back yard?  That sounds like lots of fun!

I’m kind of thinking we’re on the wrong track ‘cuz that wouldn’t make Mom sad.  Sometimes trying to figure out humans is so hard.

That’s why I go outside and think.  Here’s a picture of me doing that.

Deep in thought…………probably about food!

Well, I still don’t know what we should do.  Maybe we should bring her some pretty flowers.  Did you see these outside?  Maybe she would like to have one.  I know it makes her happy to see pretty flowers, birds and butterflies.  I also know she doesn’t want me bringing her any birds or butterflies so maybe flowers will be ok.

I heard Mom say something about this time of year being the dog days of summer.  Man, that’s enough to depress any human or fur person!  Dogs get all the attention.

I think what we need to do is go crawl up in Mom’s lap, start purring and tell her that we don’t think she’s too old.   After all, she wasn’t too old to adopt us and we’re very thankful.

We should also tell her that if the world thinks she’s too old then we think the world is STUPID!

Good idea.  Mom needs to know we love her and need her ‘cuz it would be too scary for us fur people in the human world if she didn’t teach us things.

8 thoughts on “Now What Do We Do????

  1. Shakespeare and Hemingway, you are such smart kitties. You are right to know that Mom is not too old. She is great, just the right age for herself, and she should not worry about her age. But it is hard for humans to figure this out sometimes. So you have the right idea. Crawl up on her lap, purr and let her know that she is loved and she is worth a lot to you. That will make her feel much better about herself, and she won’t worry about her age.
    Thanks for posting about your Mom. It gives her human friends a chance to let her know how special her cats are to care for her so much. And it lets us also know that we also care for her, too. Tell Mom to give you each an extra tummy rub for being such wonderful kittens!!!

    1. Thank you Raven Wings. We try our best to be good so Mom’s happy. However, sometimes our active little minds get us in trouble. Mom knows we love her and we also know she has some pretty fantastic friends so she’ll eventually tell the world to go jump and she’ll do whatever she wants ‘cuz she can. Maybe she’s going to start writing again and then we’ll be famous! Then for sure we’ll get more treats. Thanks for caring!

      1. Awwww thank you guys. My human too says fur people are special.
        I think they should form some sort of club. Here’s an idea: what about asking a membership fee? We could buy ourselves some treats this way 😉
        ((hugs and purrs))

  2. You should tell your mom to not even think about what the world thinks of her….she should just be herself because everyone else is taken! And, you could tell her maybe she should just be a writer because she’s awfully good at it!

    1. Hi Joyce…..we will be sure to tell Mom! She’s taught us everything we know so we’re positive she’s smart. Besides, we are making lots of new friends all because she let us have our own blog. We hope you have a fantastic day and thanks so much for writing to us.

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