We Helped Mom

I wonder why Mom has this bag out here?  What is she going to do with it?  I think it would be a good hiding place.

Mom……I think there’s something in here besides just leaves.  Do you want me to investigate?

Shakespeare..do you always have to tattle?  I was helping Mom smash down the leaves that she put in there.

Oh sure….that’s your story now but you were just being nosy.

Well, I didn’t see you helping Mom much.

I helped.  I showed her where the leaves were falling.

You just laid on the ground and took a nap.

Well, I saved Mom a little work by covering up some of the leaves that were on the ground.

Whatever.  It was a GREAT day!!!!

Note from the Mom:

The boys’ definition of “help” differs greatly from my definition.  However, the three of us were able to be outside on an absolutely glorious fall day.  Please don’t tell them what season is coming next.  I think they’ve forgotten about it.

From our back yard.

What Happened?

Something’s really wrong.

Why do you say that?

Well, you know that big bright light in the sky……

Remember…I told you that’s called the sun.

Fine.  Well, I think the sun is broken.

Why on earth would you think that?

Remember just a few weeks ago when we would go outside and it was so hot we just panted?

Oh, I sure do remember.  It was even hot in the house and we didn’t feel like doing anything except finding some shade so we could lie down.

Even Mom said it was too hot for anything.  Things aren’t the same now.

I still don’t know what you are talking about.

Well, we went outside today and that sun thing was shining but it was really cold.  So I think the sun is broken.

Maybe it needs new batteries.

Where do we get them?

We’ll have to ask Mom.  I know you don’t like it when it’s cold and neither do I.

Mom really doesn’t like it when it gets real cold.

Maybe if we can find some new batteries for the sun it will warm up again.

It’s worth a try!

Chairs Are for Cats

Sometimes we use chairs to reach things. This is my favorite plant to prune. Mom thought she was hiding it from me by putting it outside but I found it. It’s much easier to reach with the chair. Thanks, Mom, for putting the chair there!
Sometimes we use chairs to watch squirrels. I was fascinated with this squirrel who was visiting.
Sometimes we use chairs to watch and see if any of the humans are in the kitchen. Usually if a human is in the kitchen that means there is a chance we might get treats.
And sometimes we use chairs to take a nice peaceful nap outside.


I hate that word.

I don’t blame you.  I know for a fact that you hear it a lot!

So do you!

Not nearly as often.  You seem to constantly do things that Mom doesn’t want you doing.

Not my fault.  I’m curious.  I’m also stubborn.  Mom’s told me that many times.

So have I!  What I want to know is why can’t you stay off Mom’s roll-top desk?  You know she doesn’t want you on it and yet you keep jumping up there.

I think I’m possessed.  I am calmly sitting on her bed just looking around the room and before I know it my feet have carried me up on that desk.  Next thing I know, Mom is telling me, “No!”  Then I usually get shut out of her room.

I’ve learned that if I’m in her room and she has the door shut so I can have some alone time with her, the quickest way I know of to have her open the door so I can leave is to jump up on the desk.  I learned that from you and Mom told me I shouldn’t do everything you do.

Well, you’re not quite as bad as I am ‘cuz you only do it when you want something and Mom understands what you’re telling her.  I just have no idea why I keep jumping up there.  Maybe I want attention.

That’s not a good way to get attention.

I know.

Besides, Mom gives both of us lots of attention.  She’s always petting us and talking to us.

Maybe I’ll try to stay off the desk tonight.

I’ll know if you jump up there ‘cuz Mom will send you out and shut the door.  If that happens, don’t come complaining to me.

We Love Surprises

We love surprises…….

…..and Mom surprised us yesterday.

This is one of our new toys.  She said she went to a festival….whatever that is…and got us this toy in the craft tent.

Silly Mom!  Doesn’t she know there are two of us?  She should have gotten two toys.  However, we showed her that we could both play with this toy together.

Yes, Shakespeare took hold of the stick and I took hold of the little cloth fish with the yummy catnip inside.

Then Hemingway would take hold of the stick and I would get the fish.

We played and played with it until we were exhausted and then we had to take a nap.

Mom thought we were so good that she went back over to that craft tent thing and got us another catnip fish on a pole.

Now we each have one!

However, now it’s another day and we are outside inside of staying inside to play with toys.

Still, we are so thankful that Mom thought enough of us to get us some new toys.

Thanks, Mom!!!


Mom says I almost gave her a heart attack yesterday.  I wasn’t doing anything bad.  Honest!  We couldn’t go out and play in the morning ‘cuz Uncle Bob and his friend were making all sorts of noises with hammers and things.  Mom said they were putting shingles on the shed.  I don’t know what that means.

Mom finally let us go outside when they finished.  We wandered around and inspected our yard to make sure they hadn’t messed with any of our favorite places.  We went back in to check on Mom and then went back outside again.  I don’t know what Hemingway was doing, but I knew I was hot and wanted to find a cool spot.  I went over to the shed and discovered that I could crawl under it where it was dark and cool.  I fell asleep.

Later Mom told me that she had been searching all over the place for me and was scared that I had run away.  She had asked Hemingway where I was but he didn’t know.  She didn’t think anyone would come along and pick me up ‘cuz I hate to be picked up and I fight like crazy.  Still, she couldn’t find me.  She said she even walked around the shed calling my name and shaking my treat bag.  Now normally I will run faster than anything when I hear that treat bag.  I must have been really sound asleep ‘cuz I didn’t hear a thing.

I guess Mom went to the grocery store and looked around the neighborhood as she drove.  She was really worried and she didn’t stay at the grocery store very long.  When she came back home again, she called my name and shook the treat bag.  That time I heard it but it was hard for me to get moving ‘cuz I was so sleepy.  I came around the side of the shed with my best sleepy eyes but she wasn’t impressed.  She told me to get my tail inside.  Now how am I going to get just my tail inside?  Why didn’t she want all of me inside?

Anyway, I was grounded for the rest of the night and Hemingway couldn’t go outside again either.  I think he was kind of mad at me.

Mom, I’m sorry I scared you and I will try really hard not to do it again!  Now can I go outside again?  PUHLEASEEEEEEEEEEE………….

We Got Another Award!

Our special friend Texas, a Cat in NY   nominated us for this cool award.  We are so very thankful for the friendship of this special fur person.

Here are the Addictive Blog Award Rules:

1. Thank the person awarding you
2. Share a little about why you blog and how the journey started
3. Paste the blog award on your page
4. Nominate 10 other bloggers you feel deserve the award and let them know you nominated them — See below

Why We Blog
We started blogging after Mom adopted us from the Animal Humane Society.  We got adopted at different times but we quickly became a family.  We used to have a doggie living with us.  Her name was Ebony and she was black and white like Hemingway.  She was really old and she got sick so she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  We both miss her.

Mom said she gave us the names of famous human authors and figured we could use our free time to write our own blog.

Now we’ve met all sorts of fur people from lots of places and we enjoy sharing tails….oops I guess we mean tales.

Mom says we learning lots of things from our new fur people friends and she’s happy that we’re doing something like this.


  1. The Island Cats
  2. Our human friend Donna
  3. Oscar, Henry and Archie 
  4. Our special friend Pluma
  5. Our great little furry friends who are the cutest piggies
  6. Our human friend who loves kitty fur people Lee County Clowder
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  8. Our friend Bridget who has beautiful gardens
  9. Our human friend who nominated us for another award earlier, Kofegeek
  10. Our human friend Lesley who writes about all sorts of things

Thanks again for nominating us!

Shakespeare Tells It As It Was

Dear Fur People and Human Readers,

You may think Hemingway is a perfect little angel and that’s why Mom told him a bedtime story the other night.  Well, I’m here to tell you that he is a typical big brother and he gets into lots of trouble.  Since today is Saturday we figured we would be playing outside all day since Mom doesn’t have to go to work.  Well, she spoiled our fun ‘cuz she told some friends of hers that she would get together with them and spend the day.  We were thinking that wasn’t fair at all! 

When Mom finally did get home, she figured we should go outside and play for a little bit.  We were thinking we should have been out playing all day, but we decided to take what we could and we ran out the door into our wonderful back yard that is filled with adventures.  However, we had limited play space ‘cuz Mom turned on that noisy thing that spits water all over the place.  Again, not our idea of fun.

Mom was inside working on something and she heard the gate rattle so she came outside right away.  I was sitting on the sidewalk looking at Hemingway who had somehow managed to get on the other side of the gate.  Mom opened the gate and told him to get right back in the yard and amazingly he did.  Mom fixed the gate so we couldn’t open it again and in the meantime Hemingway had run into the house.

What Mom didn’t know was that he had gone on the other side chasing this little hopping thing and he managed to catch it and brought it inside to play.  Mom found him and told him he had a grasshopper and that it didn’t belong in the house.  He chased it around until Mom managed to catch it and she released it on the other side of the gate.

So, it’s all Hemingway’s fault that we didn’t get to stay outside very long but it’s Mom’s fault that Hemingway was bad ‘cuz she’s not supposed to be gone on Saturdays.

He may be a pesky big brother at times, but we fur people have to stick together at times like this.  That’s my story and I’m not changing it.