Shakespeare Tells It As It Was

Dear Fur People and Human Readers,

You may think Hemingway is a perfect little angel and that’s why Mom told him a bedtime story the other night.  Well, I’m here to tell you that he is a typical big brother and he gets into lots of trouble.  Since today is Saturday we figured we would be playing outside all day since Mom doesn’t have to go to work.  Well, she spoiled our fun ‘cuz she told some friends of hers that she would get together with them and spend the day.  We were thinking that wasn’t fair at all! 

When Mom finally did get home, she figured we should go outside and play for a little bit.  We were thinking we should have been out playing all day, but we decided to take what we could and we ran out the door into our wonderful back yard that is filled with adventures.  However, we had limited play space ‘cuz Mom turned on that noisy thing that spits water all over the place.  Again, not our idea of fun.

Mom was inside working on something and she heard the gate rattle so she came outside right away.  I was sitting on the sidewalk looking at Hemingway who had somehow managed to get on the other side of the gate.  Mom opened the gate and told him to get right back in the yard and amazingly he did.  Mom fixed the gate so we couldn’t open it again and in the meantime Hemingway had run into the house.

What Mom didn’t know was that he had gone on the other side chasing this little hopping thing and he managed to catch it and brought it inside to play.  Mom found him and told him he had a grasshopper and that it didn’t belong in the house.  He chased it around until Mom managed to catch it and she released it on the other side of the gate.

So, it’s all Hemingway’s fault that we didn’t get to stay outside very long but it’s Mom’s fault that Hemingway was bad ‘cuz she’s not supposed to be gone on Saturdays.

He may be a pesky big brother at times, but we fur people have to stick together at times like this.  That’s my story and I’m not changing it.

Purrs, meows, barks, chirps and human comments are greatly appreciated. We love hearing from our readers.

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