Mom says I almost gave her a heart attack yesterday.  I wasn’t doing anything bad.  Honest!  We couldn’t go out and play in the morning ‘cuz Uncle Bob and his friend were making all sorts of noises with hammers and things.  Mom said they were putting shingles on the shed.  I don’t know what that means.

Mom finally let us go outside when they finished.  We wandered around and inspected our yard to make sure they hadn’t messed with any of our favorite places.  We went back in to check on Mom and then went back outside again.  I don’t know what Hemingway was doing, but I knew I was hot and wanted to find a cool spot.  I went over to the shed and discovered that I could crawl under it where it was dark and cool.  I fell asleep.

Later Mom told me that she had been searching all over the place for me and was scared that I had run away.  She had asked Hemingway where I was but he didn’t know.  She didn’t think anyone would come along and pick me up ‘cuz I hate to be picked up and I fight like crazy.  Still, she couldn’t find me.  She said she even walked around the shed calling my name and shaking my treat bag.  Now normally I will run faster than anything when I hear that treat bag.  I must have been really sound asleep ‘cuz I didn’t hear a thing.

I guess Mom went to the grocery store and looked around the neighborhood as she drove.  She was really worried and she didn’t stay at the grocery store very long.  When she came back home again, she called my name and shook the treat bag.  That time I heard it but it was hard for me to get moving ‘cuz I was so sleepy.  I came around the side of the shed with my best sleepy eyes but she wasn’t impressed.  She told me to get my tail inside.  Now how am I going to get just my tail inside?  Why didn’t she want all of me inside?

Anyway, I was grounded for the rest of the night and Hemingway couldn’t go outside again either.  I think he was kind of mad at me.

Mom, I’m sorry I scared you and I will try really hard not to do it again!  Now can I go outside again?  PUHLEASEEEEEEEEEEE………….