I hate that word.

I don’t blame you.  I know for a fact that you hear it a lot!

So do you!

Not nearly as often.  You seem to constantly do things that Mom doesn’t want you doing.

Not my fault.  I’m curious.  I’m also stubborn.  Mom’s told me that many times.

So have I!  What I want to know is why can’t you stay off Mom’s roll-top desk?  You know she doesn’t want you on it and yet you keep jumping up there.

I think I’m possessed.  I am calmly sitting on her bed just looking around the room and before I know it my feet have carried me up on that desk.  Next thing I know, Mom is telling me, “No!”  Then I usually get shut out of her room.

I’ve learned that if I’m in her room and she has the door shut so I can have some alone time with her, the quickest way I know of to have her open the door so I can leave is to jump up on the desk.  I learned that from you and Mom told me I shouldn’t do everything you do.

Well, you’re not quite as bad as I am ‘cuz you only do it when you want something and Mom understands what you’re telling her.  I just have no idea why I keep jumping up there.  Maybe I want attention.

That’s not a good way to get attention.

I know.

Besides, Mom gives both of us lots of attention.  She’s always petting us and talking to us.

Maybe I’ll try to stay off the desk tonight.

I’ll know if you jump up there ‘cuz Mom will send you out and shut the door.  If that happens, don’t come complaining to me.