Chairs Are for Cats

Sometimes we use chairs to reach things. This is my favorite plant to prune. Mom thought she was hiding it from me by putting it outside but I found it. It’s much easier to reach with the chair. Thanks, Mom, for putting the chair there!
Sometimes we use chairs to watch squirrels. I was fascinated with this squirrel who was visiting.
Sometimes we use chairs to watch and see if any of the humans are in the kitchen. Usually if a human is in the kitchen that means there is a chance we might get treats.
And sometimes we use chairs to take a nice peaceful nap outside.

9 thoughts on “Chairs Are for Cats

  1. meowloz S & H; we trooly hope after guarding de chair; yur mom came outta de kitshun N gived ewe both several nice helpings oh trout !!!

    1. Hey Tabbies…..Mom found us some catnip-flavored crunchies and we love them! As long as we’re good she makes sure we get plenty of treats. Of course, she also gives us treats when we’re naughty ‘cuz she says we’re so adorable!

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