What Happened?

Something’s really wrong.

Why do you say that?

Well, you know that big bright light in the sky……

Remember…I told you that’s called the sun.

Fine.  Well, I think the sun is broken.

Why on earth would you think that?

Remember just a few weeks ago when we would go outside and it was so hot we just panted?

Oh, I sure do remember.  It was even hot in the house and we didn’t feel like doing anything except finding some shade so we could lie down.

Even Mom said it was too hot for anything.  Things aren’t the same now.

I still don’t know what you are talking about.

Well, we went outside today and that sun thing was shining but it was really cold.  So I think the sun is broken.

Maybe it needs new batteries.

Where do we get them?

We’ll have to ask Mom.  I know you don’t like it when it’s cold and neither do I.

Mom really doesn’t like it when it gets real cold.

Maybe if we can find some new batteries for the sun it will warm up again.

It’s worth a try!

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