We Helped Mom

I wonder why Mom has this bag out here?  What is she going to do with it?  I think it would be a good hiding place.

Mom……I think there’s something in here besides just leaves.  Do you want me to investigate?

Shakespeare..do you always have to tattle?  I was helping Mom smash down the leaves that she put in there.

Oh sure….that’s your story now but you were just being nosy.

Well, I didn’t see you helping Mom much.

I helped.  I showed her where the leaves were falling.

You just laid on the ground and took a nap.

Well, I saved Mom a little work by covering up some of the leaves that were on the ground.

Whatever.  It was a GREAT day!!!!

Note from the Mom:

The boys’ definition of “help” differs greatly from my definition.  However, the three of us were able to be outside on an absolutely glorious fall day.  Please don’t tell them what season is coming next.  I think they’ve forgotten about it.

From our back yard.

8 thoughts on “We Helped Mom

  1. Ooo crunchy autumn leaves! They make great noises when you bounce on them!

    Whee think all seasons are great but Autumn has so many events and leads into Winter which has Pigmas, pretty much the greatest event ever.

    Yes, Autumn is great fun. Whee recommend bouncing on the leaves and enjoying them before all the trees get boring and naked!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    1. Mom says there are still lots and lots of leaves waiting to fall down so we’ll still have time to play in the crunchy clothing of the trees. She and a neighbor were trying to figure out how to glue the leaves on the trees ‘cuz they were getting tired of raking. Silly humans!

  2. You two kittens are so funny! My cat, Nels, loves watching the leaves fall, but he doesn’t get to go out and run in them like you get to do. Count your blessings.

    Your backyard tree is gorgeous!!

  3. we hope yur mom paid ewe both for all de hard werk ya had ta due N WAY nice ta see ewe live next ta burd free trees !! 🙂

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