I Need a Costume…..

Mom……….you have to get us costumes right away!!!

Shakespeare what are you yelling about?

I need a costume and I need it now.  You should get one, too.

Why would I want to do that?

Don’t you know what tomorrow is?

It’s Wednesday and that means Mom goes to choir practice.

Noooooooooooooo!  I mean yesssssssssss……….she does go to choir practice……but it’s Halloween.


I’ve been looking up Halloween on the internet and it’s when kids dress up in costumes and go door to door saying, “Trick or treat.”  Then the humans give them candy as treats.

In the first place, Mom won’t let us out of our own back yard so there will be no walking around the neighborhood.  In the second place whatever we try to say, humans aren’t going to understand us.  Only Mom understands us ‘cuz she knows us so well.  In the third place you know perfectly well that Mom won’t let us eat candy.

Well aren’t you the bubble-burster.

I’m just giving you the real facts.

Maybe Mom can carry us around to some of the houses and maybe some of the humans living there can hand out other treats, like catnip.

Don’t think it’s going to happen.  Besides, would you really allow yourself to be dressed up in a costume?

Now that you mention it, no way!!!!  Can I ask our readers something?

I don’t think I can stop you so go ahead.

Dear readers, if your little humans come home with catnip or Whisker Lickin’s, can you send them to us.  We know the little humans wouldn’t like those treats and we LOVE them!


We’re Worried…..

Mom, we’ve been watching the news while you were at work and we’re getting worried.

Yes, we don’t know what to do!

We’ve been watching about that big storm Sandy and it scares us.

When we looked outside today, we just saw gray skies, but we didn’t see lots of wind and rain.

We’re thinking about all the fur people and their humans out on the East Coast.  We want them to be safe and not get hurt.

We don’t want them to lose their homes or their food dishes.

Shakespeare be serious.  We are very lucky that we live where we do and we don’t have to worry about this particular storm.

Sorry, but I can’t help thinking about the fur people and their humans out there who might not have anything to eat now.  Mom, we even heard that some of the fur people and their humans don’t have electricity.  That means they could be wet and cold.

Mom, will you help us say our prayers tonight?  We want to make sure we say special prayers for all the fur people and humans out East.   We want them to be safe.  We want the storm to end quickly.  We just don’t know if we have all the right words for our prayers so we want you to help.

Thanks Mom!

To everyone out East:  we are thinking about you and praying for you.

We’re So Excited!!!!!!!!!!

We won a contest!!!

And our friends Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy and Basil decorated us for Halloween!!

We just can’t thank you enough.  Mom thinks sometimes we spend too much time at the computer but look what happened……

We won!!!!

This is the picture of Buddy and we had to write a caption.

We put our kitty brains together and came up with:  “Do these orange earrings make me look fat???”

Now we think Mom needs to help us celebrate.

We noticed the treat drawer is getting a little low.  Don’t make us get crabby on you, Mom.

Thanks again, Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy and Basil.

See how much fun we fur people can have together?  Humans should learn from us.

Quiet Thoughts

What’s a family reunion?

Well, members of the same family are called relatives and when the relatives all get together for a party they sometimes call it a family reunion.

What do they do?

They talk and take pictures and laugh, but mostly they eat.

Count me in.  I want to go to a family reunion so I can eat!


Do we belong to the same family?

We do now because Mom adopted us.

Do you remember anything about your real family?

No.  I was so young and Mom loved me so much right from the beginning that she made me feel like we always belonged together.

That’s the same thing for me.  Does Mom have a mom?

She did.  In fact, she told me that today would have been her mother’s 90th birthday.

That’s more numbers in cat years than I can even begin to count!

I think Mom misses her mom.  You must remember that humans stay connected to their mothers and fathers lots longer than we fur people do.  I don’t even remember what my cat Mom looked like or what her name was.

I thought I was being really bad ‘cuz I couldn’t remember anything about my cat Mom either.  It’s nice to know that we both have that problem.  I guess Mom’s love just filled our kitty hearts and minds.

When Mom gets home from choir practice tonight, I think we should run up to her and start purring so she knows how much we love her.

Good idea.  Maybe she won’t miss her mom so much then.
From the Mom:

Thank you boys for thinking of me.  I know you fur people don’t always understand things we humans do, but you are always ready to give love.  I wanted to show you an old picture of my Mom.  She’s the one on the left and the other one is her sister, Aunty Jo.  The two of them always had so much fun together.  Both are gone now.  Mom was born on October 24, 1922 and died on October 12, 2002.  I wish you could have met her because I know you would have loved her and she would have loved you.

More Raking

Mom, when we told you we wanted you to let us outside, we thought you were going to come out and play with us!

This is my crabby look ‘cuz Mom’s too busy raking to pay attention to me.  She already raked here and look…..there are more leaves!  She’s never going to finish.

Shakespeare, Mom can’t play all the time.  You should help her like I’m doing.

See….here’s a pile of leaves that Mom raked up and I decided to protect it from squirrels, dogs and orange cats.  I’m helping Mom.  Besides, Mom is getting so tired that she might not see this pile and forget to put all the leaves in a bag.  Black cats are known for being considerate and helpful.

I can help.  I’ll go under this bush and shake off all the loose leaves so Mom can rake them.  That’s helping, right?

This bag is lots bigger than me.  I wonder if I should jump into it.  If I did, I could squish down the leaves and then Mom would have room for more leaves.

With your luck you would knock the bag over and spill the leaves and then Mom would have to pick them up again.

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m ready to go inside and take a nap.  All this work is exhausting.

I agree.  I wonder if Mom will ever finish.  Too bad we can’t get into the refrigerator.  We could get her some ice water.

Hey…..you’ve got something there.  Remember that spot on the door where Mom gets ice and water?  I bet if you stand on my back and reach up, you could turn that on and we could get some ice water for Mom.

Let’s go try before she comes in.  What a surprise it will be for her!

Moms Can Be So Silly………

What happened to Mom?

What do you mean?

Well, when she left yesterday morning she had kind of long frizzy hair and when she came home LATE last night her hair was real short and it wasn’t frizzy. 

I think she went to the groomer.

I almost didn’t recognize her, but I begged for treats anyway ‘cuz it was late and I was hungry and there was a human in the kitchen.  Then when she said my name, I knew for sure it was Mom.

Did you notice how silly she was when she was giving us our treats?

Nope.  I was too busy eating.  What happened?

Well she was holding my treats in her hand ‘cuz she makes me sit up and beg for them.  She was calling my name over and over.  Then she started to move and almost stumbled over me.  Silly human!  I was sitting at her feet the whole time and couldn’t figure out why she was calling my name.  Why didn’t she just look down?

Hahahahahaha!  I wish I had stopped eating long enough to see that.

Back to Mom’s hair…….I don’t know if I like it.


It’s different.  It’s not bushy like your tail.  I decided to try grooming her hair last night when she was sleeping.  It had some smelly stuff in it and I didn’t think she wanted that in her hair.  She tried telling me that was hair spray and I should leave it alone.

What is hair spray?

I don’t know but it doesn’t taste good.  Why does Mom let the groomer put it in her hair?

Maybe she was sleeping when the groomer did it.

Anyway, I tried to rearrange her hair and she wouldn’t let me.  I guess we’ll just have to get used to her this way.

One thing I know for sure.


I’m never going to the groomer!!!!!!!  Nobody’s going to put hair spray on my tail.

Mom Made It Home

We waited and waited all day but Mom finally made it home from tripping on the road.

We wanted to make sure that all our human and fur people readers knew that we weren’t abandoned and we got our treats…….even if it was later than usual.

The only thing that really bothered us is the fact that Mom talked about dogs that she met on the trip.  Why didn’t she meet any kitties???

Juno from the shop “Juno and Me” in Stockholm, WI.
Juno out for a stroll in her costume.
Tully goes to “work” in his store in Stockholm, WI everyday. Mom says we should get a job too!

Enough of the dog pictures!  Mom saw some pretty fall things, too.  Let’s show some of them.

Mr. and Mrs. Duck out for a stroll.
At least Mom doesn’t have to rake those leaves!
This is part of the Mississippi River, Mom says people go swimming, fishing and boating along here but we prefer to stay on dry ground.

Mom said this is outside her favorite restaurant in Pepin, WI. She said the food is really good. We noticed she brought a “kitty bag” home with leftovers but she hasn’t given us any. What’s up with that????

Mom didn’t bring us any presents.  She claims that she did look for some but we don’t think she looked very hard.  Still, we’re glad to have her home again so we can get back on our regular routine of treats.

Shakespeare!  Quit thinking about food.  You should be thinking about my birthday ‘cuz it’s only a little over two months away and you need to get busy and get my birthday gifts.

Mom…………..I need some money!

Tripping on the Road

Mom said she’s going on a road trip tomorrow.  What is that?

Well, let’s see if we can figure it out.  You know what a road is.

No I don’t.

Well, you know that flat thing out in front of the house where humans sometimes walk and ride their bikes?  It’s also where they drive those car things when they have to go places.

Is that where fur people sometimes walk, too?

Yes, but they should be with their humans when they do that.

Well, Mom said I can’t go out there on that road.

I can’t either because it’s a dangerous place.  But we can look at it from the front window.

Ok.  So now we know what a road is.  What about a trip?

Well, Mom claims that I keep trying to trip here when she’s walking ‘cuz I keep getting tangled up with her feet and legs.

You mean Mom’s going to go out on that road thing in front of the house and fall down?

That can’t be right.  She wouldn’t be excited about that.

It’s got to be something else.  Think!

Wait…..when Mom took me to the doctor’s house she told me we were going to take a little trip.

She told me that, too!  Does that mean she’s going to the doctor’s house?  If that’s the case, which one of us is she taking?

That’s still not right.  Mom said she’s going on the road trip with her really good friend.  In fact, it’s Aunty Linda and she’s the one who helped Mom pick us out at the Humane Society.

Mom’s getting another kitty??????

No.  She would have told us that.  Maybe she and Aunty Linda are going in that car thing down the road and that’s why they call it a road trip.

Mom…………you aren’t going to be gone long are you?  Remember….we have to have our treats!

Busy Weekend

I don’t like the wind.

Neither do I.  Did the humans leave their fans on high again?  All that wind made lots of pretty leaves fall down on the ground.

Yes, wasn’t it fun helping Mom with all the yard work yesterday?  I was chasing leaves and if I had caught them I could have put them in the bag for Mom.

You wouldn’t have done that.  You were too busy just running around trying to stay warm.

True.  Those batteries in the sun are really failing now.  Good thing we have that wood-burning stove in the house to keep us warm.

Why do the leaves have to fall off the trees?

I don’t know.

Wouldn’t it be better if the trees could keep their leaves during winter and just sort of close them up on the really cold days?

You have a great idea!  On nice sunny winter days the leaves could open up and then we wouldn’t have to look at all those naked branches.

It would be so much prettier.

Do you think we could come up with a tree that could do that?

If we do we’ll be famous and we’ll make lots of money.

Then we can share it with Mom……….as long as we get our treats first.

Let’s sleep on it.

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..we’re thinking…..


We love all the pretty colors!

Are all those leaves going to be gone?

Not all of them.  Those fuzzy looking trees are called evergreens and Mom told me they have needles instead of leaves and they keep the needles during the winter.

Good.  I would hate to have the world be all black and white in winter.

Just look at all the pretty colors.

This tree reminds me of me because it’s such a pretty orange.

Here we are watching the leaves falling.

Mr Tree, if you keep dropping leaves Mom’s going to get mad.  Please don’t give her more work to do.  I promise I won’t try to climb you and hurt you with my claws.

I don’t think that’s going to help, Hemingway.  Just look at all the leaves already on the ground.  Then look at all the leaves still up in the trees.  I think Mom’s going to be busy forever.  We better hide or she’ll put us to work, too.