Surprise Present

Fur people and human readers, we want you to see the surprise Mom brought home for us.

Even though I can’t eat it, I really like it.

This was drawn by our human friend, Nika.  We really think she did a great job.

I think she has my fluffy tail looking so beautiful.

Remember when we were talking about the sun needing batteries so it would be warm again?

I sure do.  Someone must have gotten some batteries because it has been warmer again.

I know.  It’s been nice being outside when it’s warm.  Nika based her drawing on that particular blog of ours.

Thank you, Nika!  Next time, could you draw some treats?

Shakespeare, quit thinking about food!  Nika, you did a fabulous job!  Thank you so much!!

7 thoughts on “Surprise Present

  1. nika did a grate job H & S…yur mom kneads ta get a nice fish frame for this 🙂

    pee ess..sorree if we R postin again, that’z what R mom gets for sneekin round blogs at WERK…de boss comes by N her hasta “look buzee quik like “

    1. We’ll be sure to let Nika know. Mom showed Nika’s Mom what we wrote in our blog and she was so surprised. She said that Nika is going to love having her picture on there. We think our Mom “sneeks” round blogs at werk, 2 so we understand!

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