Mom Made It Home

We waited and waited all day but Mom finally made it home from tripping on the road.

We wanted to make sure that all our human and fur people readers knew that we weren’t abandoned and we got our treats…….even if it was later than usual.

The only thing that really bothered us is the fact that Mom talked about dogs that she met on the trip.  Why didn’t she meet any kitties???

Juno from the shop “Juno and Me” in Stockholm, WI.
Juno out for a stroll in her costume.
Tully goes to “work” in his store in Stockholm, WI everyday. Mom says we should get a job too!

Enough of the dog pictures!  Mom saw some pretty fall things, too.  Let’s show some of them.

Mr. and Mrs. Duck out for a stroll.
At least Mom doesn’t have to rake those leaves!
This is part of the Mississippi River, Mom says people go swimming, fishing and boating along here but we prefer to stay on dry ground.

Mom said this is outside her favorite restaurant in Pepin, WI. She said the food is really good. We noticed she brought a “kitty bag” home with leftovers but she hasn’t given us any. What’s up with that????

Mom didn’t bring us any presents.  She claims that she did look for some but we don’t think she looked very hard.  Still, we’re glad to have her home again so we can get back on our regular routine of treats.

Shakespeare!  Quit thinking about food.  You should be thinking about my birthday ‘cuz it’s only a little over two months away and you need to get busy and get my birthday gifts.

Mom…………..I need some money!

6 thoughts on “Mom Made It Home

    1. We were ready to throw a kitty hissy fit but we decided that Mom is still the best and we forgive her for fraternizing with those fur dogs. We know she loves us the mostest and she tells us we shouldn’t eat people food so she gave us extra treats instead.

    1. No…it was actually only the one dog named Juno….Mom just got carried away and took two pictures of her ‘cuz the second time she saw Juno, the fur dog was all dressed up for a party or something. We were so glad to see her come home that we forgot we should be mad at her for not bringing us anything. We think she’ll do better next time!

  1. glad yur mom dinna bring home de dawg !!! but her couldna bringed bak sum fish…her bein that close two de river 🙂

    1. We know Mom doesn’t like fish so we’re pretty sure she would never bring us any. However, as long as she gets home to give us our treats and dinner it’s ok. We already told Mom not to bring home any dogs. We used to have a dog sister but she went over the Rainbow Bridge in March. We still miss her but we rather like having the run of the place.

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