More Raking

Mom, when we told you we wanted you to let us outside, we thought you were going to come out and play with us!

This is my crabby look ‘cuz Mom’s too busy raking to pay attention to me.  She already raked here and look…..there are more leaves!  She’s never going to finish.

Shakespeare, Mom can’t play all the time.  You should help her like I’m doing.

See….here’s a pile of leaves that Mom raked up and I decided to protect it from squirrels, dogs and orange cats.  I’m helping Mom.  Besides, Mom is getting so tired that she might not see this pile and forget to put all the leaves in a bag.  Black cats are known for being considerate and helpful.

I can help.  I’ll go under this bush and shake off all the loose leaves so Mom can rake them.  That’s helping, right?

This bag is lots bigger than me.  I wonder if I should jump into it.  If I did, I could squish down the leaves and then Mom would have room for more leaves.

With your luck you would knock the bag over and spill the leaves and then Mom would have to pick them up again.

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m ready to go inside and take a nap.  All this work is exhausting.

I agree.  I wonder if Mom will ever finish.  Too bad we can’t get into the refrigerator.  We could get her some ice water.

Hey…’ve got something there.  Remember that spot on the door where Mom gets ice and water?  I bet if you stand on my back and reach up, you could turn that on and we could get some ice water for Mom.

Let’s go try before she comes in.  What a surprise it will be for her!

12 thoughts on “More Raking

  1. Mummy’s are always so busy! Our Mummy started a new job with horrible long hours so she is always tired when she comes in. Luckily that means she is up for cuddles but not much else!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    1. Our Mom comes home from work and she’s tired, too. I wish we could make a bunch of money so Mom didn’t have to work. Maybe if we all put our heads together we can come up with something and then our Moms can stay home with us.

  2. How nice of you two to help your mom with all those leaves. When I saw all the leaves in our yard, I decided to take a nap. Our dad-guy is on his own with all those leaves!!


  3. meowloz H & S…sounds like everee one hada buzee week oh end !! hope while ewe were in de frig gettin yur mom sum ice waterz, ya found sum samiches for yur self !!! happee monday 🙂

    1. We were soooooooo tired! We’ve been resting while Mom’s at work so we can go out and play when she gets home. We didn’t have any luck gettin’ into the frig. We need to work on our plan. First we need to figure out how to open the drawer where are treats are stored. That’s priority for us!!!

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