Quiet Thoughts

What’s a family reunion?

Well, members of the same family are called relatives and when the relatives all get together for a party they sometimes call it a family reunion.

What do they do?

They talk and take pictures and laugh, but mostly they eat.

Count me in.  I want to go to a family reunion so I can eat!


Do we belong to the same family?

We do now because Mom adopted us.

Do you remember anything about your real family?

No.  I was so young and Mom loved me so much right from the beginning that she made me feel like we always belonged together.

That’s the same thing for me.  Does Mom have a mom?

She did.  In fact, she told me that today would have been her mother’s 90th birthday.

That’s more numbers in cat years than I can even begin to count!

I think Mom misses her mom.  You must remember that humans stay connected to their mothers and fathers lots longer than we fur people do.  I don’t even remember what my cat Mom looked like or what her name was.

I thought I was being really bad ‘cuz I couldn’t remember anything about my cat Mom either.  It’s nice to know that we both have that problem.  I guess Mom’s love just filled our kitty hearts and minds.

When Mom gets home from choir practice tonight, I think we should run up to her and start purring so she knows how much we love her.

Good idea.  Maybe she won’t miss her mom so much then.
From the Mom:

Thank you boys for thinking of me.  I know you fur people don’t always understand things we humans do, but you are always ready to give love.  I wanted to show you an old picture of my Mom.  She’s the one on the left and the other one is her sister, Aunty Jo.  The two of them always had so much fun together.  Both are gone now.  Mom was born on October 24, 1922 and died on October 12, 2002.  I wish you could have met her because I know you would have loved her and she would have loved you.

10 thoughts on “Quiet Thoughts

  1. H & S; thatz a grate pick sure oh yur grammaw and great aunt…yur gram maw is tryin ta show yur aunt how to put sum bait on a fishin line hook we bet !!! hope ewe all haza grate week oh end 🙂 !!

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