Lazy Day

Mom says it’s a lazy day today.  The sun decided to hide so it’s pretty gray outside.  We went out and helped Mom pick up the seed pods from the trees but at least she didn’t have to do as much raking as she has been doing.

We didn’t want to be outside very long ‘cuz it wasn’t real warm.  When we came back inside, this is what we found.

Uncle Bob had a nice fire going in the stove and it was toasty warm.  We wondered why we had even bothered to go outside in the first place.  As you can tell, I LOVE being by the warm fire.  It’s the perfect place for napping.

I have to stay alert in case anyone goes into the kitchen where the food lives!

No matter what you’re doing today, we hope you’re having a great day and we hope that just like  Mom, you don’t have to go to work.  Stay home and be lazy like us!

Even I finally had to give in and go to sleep.  That fire is just too nice and warm.  If anyone goes into the kitchen, please let me know!