Hemingway, you blew it.

What do you mean?

Remember the other day when you were playing with that stuffed mouse?

Yes.  I love that thing.  I can carry it by the long tail and I can even toss it in the air.  I love to take it over by the basement steps……

….and that’s the problem!  You took it over there and then threw it downstairs.  Mom saw you do it and she told you that you better go down there and get it.

So?  I did what she told me to do.

Precisely!  You marched right down there, picked it up and brought it upstairs again.

I still don’t get what your problem is.

Now Mom knows that you understand what she’s saying to you.

I’m beginning to understand………

So, she knows when she tells you to stay off her desk, you understand her but you choose to jump up there anyway.

Oh nooooooooooooo…………I’m going to have to start playing really dumb now!

That’s why I don’t do what Mom says until she’s not looking.  She just figures that I don’t understand her.

Man, we have to be so sneaky around humans.  Thanks for letting me know.  I’ll be more careful from now on!

No, we aren’t doing anything bad, Mom.  We’re just playing with one of our toys!  Honest!  Quick, turn off the computer so she doesn’t read this!