Happy Veterans Day

We have never been in the Army, Navy, Coast Guard or Marines or any other form of service to our country.

Mom says we’re too young and she won’t let us leave the back yard.

However, we want to take some time to show our appreciation to all the veterans… past, current and future…for all the hard work and bravery they show while making our country as great as it is.

We don’t know what it’s like to leave a comfortable home and go to some strange country to fight.  We think all the people who do that deserve big medals.

We can’t begin to thank them enough for giving us the freedom to play in our back yards, to eat good food, to have a nice fire to nap by and to have family to love.

We want to pause now and show our respect.

12 thoughts on “Happy Veterans Day

  1. Thank you. My service in the Army was many years ago in what we called the Cold War. Now I greatly admire and am thankful to those serving in an active time of war. I fought for the rights of all Americans, including American kitties.

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