What We Did After Turkey Day

Here’s what we did after Thanksgiving Day.

We napped.  Who knew turkey would make us so sleepy?

We did some kitty sunbathing.

I helped Mom make the bed.

Then Mom gave me this neat box so I could trap Hemingway!

Mom………..will you tell Shakespeare to get off!!!

8 thoughts on “What We Did After Turkey Day

    1. Hemingway here….Shakespeare was just being mean but that’s ok ‘cuz he’s jealous. He knows that my birthday is less than a month away and his isn’t until next year! I’m hoping to get a big box like this filled with treats and catnip toys. 🙂

  1. H & S…say it iznt sew….ya reeely N trooly dinna eat burd…knot stooooooooooopid turkee BURD !!!?????

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