Happy New Year

Shakespeare, are you doing what Mom said?

Copy of P1020333

Did you call me?  I’m just playing house in this cool box Mom got.

You’re supposed to be working.

Working on what?

Working on your New Year’s Resolutions like I am.

Copy of P1020335

I don’t see anything on that paper.

I know.  I’m having problems with it.  What is a resolution anyway?  I looked it up on the internet and it said something about being determined.

Well that already fits us!   Why did Mom say we had to write resolutions?  She knows we want to play when she’s home and not do work stuff.

Well, I think it has something to do with the fact that this is the end of 2012. 

Oh nooooooooooooooo.  What’s happening to 2012?  What are we going to do?

Relax!  The humans have a little over 365 days in what they call a year.  2012 ends tonight at midnight and then it becomes 2013.

So when we wake Mom up for breakfast it will be 2013?

Yes…..as long as we don’t wake her up before midnight.

I wouldn’t think of doing that.  Well…..I might think of it but I know I shouldn’t do it.  Hey…is that a resolution?  I think I’ll take a little nap and see if there are some things I should really be determined about in 2013, so don’t bother me.

Copy of P1020329

I think it’s kind of sad that 2012 is ending.  That means that the next big thing will probably be your birthday and we’ll never hear the end of that.

Copy of P1020341

From the Mom:

Boys, you’ve made 2012 so much fun for me.  You’ve grown into real nice kitties.  I still remember the day I first adopted the two of you.  Hemingway, you were first and I counted on you to be nice to your new little brother when he arrived.  You still have your little quarrels, but you also look out for each other.  I think the best resolutions you two could make would be to stay as sweet and thoughtful as you are.  I know you want to wish all of your fur people and human friends a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.  All of us hope that all of you dear friends have a year that’s filled with love, hope, peace and joy.  May this be the year when humans really reach out to help others.

We Just Don’t Understand…..

Hemingway, what are you doing out there in the kitchen?

Mom said she made mattress soup tonight and I wanted to see which mattress she used.

What on earth are you talking about?

She said she was going to make this soup for supper tonight and I thought she said mattress.  I will admit that it sounded really strange.

Is there a box somewhere so we can check it out?

Yes.  Help me lift the lid on the trash thing.  I think I see it………  Yes!  There it is right on top.

What does it say?

It says matzo ball soup mix.

Well, that makes things clear as mud!

Mud isn’t clear.

I know but I heard humans say that.  I just can’t get used to the way they talk.

Well, at least now we know it wasn’t a mattress she used.  I was afraid she might use one of our mattresses and that wouldn’t be nice.   I wonder if she’s going to let us sample some of that soup.

I have no idea what it is and I think I’ll stick to my treats.  Why did she make that soup tonight?

She said she was a little under the weather and that would be soothing for her.

Ok……..now I’m even more confused.  I’m not even going to try to figure out how Mom got “under the weather”.  I didn’t think that was possible.

I’m just as confused as you.  Maybe someone will help explain things to us.

It’s a Wonderful Life

We hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas. 

We sure did!

Yes, Santa Paws was very good to both of us and the Birthday Kitty was really good to me.  I got new toys and lots of treats.

Mom told us we have to share the treats, Hemingway!

I know, but then when your birthday comes, we have to share your birthday treats too.

I will.  Let’s show the readers how we celebrated.

Copy of P1020323
I found the bags of treats so I’ll work on opening them!
Look at this pile of presents!
Look at this pile of presents!
Copy of P1020304
I love my catnip banana!!! Thanks Mom!
Copy of P1020306
Did you know this fish with feathers has catnip????
Copy of P1020312
I’m so happy I don’t know what to do!
Copy of P1020317
This is kitty heaven.
Copy of P1020321
I think Mom is going to have to help us open this one.

Thanks for all the birthday greetings, everyone!  They mean so much to me.  I’m glad you have become my friends.

Happy Birthday to Me and Merry Christmas to You!

This is my special day.  I am now three years old so I’m very wise!

Hemingway 9 Weeks Old

This was me when Mom first got me.  I was only 9 weeks old in this picture.

Copy of Hemingway Posing on Bike

This is me now.  I grew and grew and grew!

Mom got me a neat new water fountain for my birthday.  I had to check it out right away while Shakespeare was sleeping.  I quickly learned that if I splash the water out, then it makes gurgling sounds when the bowl fills up again.  COOL!!!!

Hemingway and water fountain

My Toys

Hemingway, Mom said we should remember to wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas

Yes.  Even though it’s my birthday today, I know that it’s Christmas tomorrow and both of us hope that all our friends have a wonderful time with their humans and fur people.  Thanks so much for joining us this past year.  We hope to see you again next year!

Let’s go check and see if Santa Paws is in the neighborhood yet.  I sure hope he brings us some treats!


Where or where…….

Hemingway, where have we been???  This computer is dusty and it’s obvious we haven’t been here for a long time.

Nowhere.  We’ve just been catching up on sleep.

Oh, that’s right.  Mom was on staycation for two weeks and that wore us out!

Sure did.  She kept interrupting our naps during the day.  I don’t like it when I can’t keep my routine the same.

Still, I kind of miss  seeing Mom around the house during the day.

I do too but she had to get back to work and make money so she can help Santa Paws get all those neat gifts for us.

She has to pay for them????

Well, I don’t understand all about it but she said she was getting some of the gifts.  Maybe what she meant was that she needed the money to buy my birthday gifts.  Remember, next Monday is my third birthday!!!

I can’t forget.  You mention it all the time.

Just like an orange fur person I know.  Seems to me when the calendar gets close to March you start telling everyone around that your birthday is coming.

Well, they don’t have pretty trees and fancy lights when my birthday comes so I figure it might be easier for humans to miss so I have to keep reminding them.

Let’s go see if we can find any of my birthday gifts hidden in the house.

Ok.  I sure hope you asked for treats ‘cuz I’m really good at finding them!

Time for a New Color

Hey Mom………where am I supposed to walk?  There’s all this white stuff out here and I don’t know what to do.


I’m having just as much trouble over here!  My feet don’t like to be in that white stuff.


I think it’s time for a new color out here.  I’m already sick of white.

Hey……I have an idea!

I’m sure you do.

Wait, it’s a pretty good one so don’t start grumbling yet.  I was watching Mom make cookies today and she had some of this green sprinkle stuff that she was using.


Well, what if we take that outside and sprinkle it on that white stuff and then it will be green!

Not bad for a little kid!  You do come up with interesting ideas.  Let’s go back inside and see if Santa Paws has left anything under the tree yet.


Are you sure Santa Paws is going to leave presents under this tree?

I think so, why?

There’s not enough room!!!  Mom…………we need a bigger tree with lots of room for all our gifts!

Come Look……..

Hemingway, I think Santa Paws might have already been here and left something under this rug.  I’m going to check a little further and see if I can find something.

Under the Rug

Shakespeare, you’re so goofy.  Santa Paws isn’t going to leave something under the rug.  He’s going to leave something by this deer with all the lights.  I’m going to have the deer tell me as soon as Santa Paws arrives.

Hemingway and deer

Maybe if we both watch different spots then we’ll be sure to know when Santa Paws arrives!  Mom……….how many more days?????

Now Look What Happened!!!

Hemingway, did you leave the computer on all night?

No I didn’t.  What are you trying to blame me for now?

Look outside!  I think all that snow that was falling on our blog built up so much that it exploded!

Wow………you’re right!  Maybe we better keep the computer turned off so we don’t get more of that snow outside.  I sure hope Mom doesn’t blame us for this!

Big Snow December 9

Snow on December 9

What’s Going On?

Mom…………look at this!!!!

Copy of Hemingway Posing on Bike

If you look closely at this picture, you can see little white things falling down.  Is that dandruff?  I don’t have dandruff so why is it there?

Anyone in the kitchen

Look…….it’s happening to me, too.  Hemingway is that your dandruff?

No way!  I think our blog is broken or maybe it’s possessed.

What do you mean possessed?  It’s our blog so we possess it.

Never mind.  Look at this picture.

Sunset Nov 28

Neither of us is in the picture yet those little white things are still falling.  We’re going to have to see if Mom did something to our blog.

It’s actually kind of pretty.  I think I like it.

I sort of do, too.  It reminds me of that white stuff that falls outside when it gets cold.

Are we done staring at it now?  I’m sure Mom will explain it to us when she has time.

You’re right.  Let’s go take a nap by the fire.


What’s a staycation?

What are you talking about now?

Well, I heard Mom say that she’s on staycation for two weeks.

Let me see if I can find something on the internet about it.  hmmmmmm……..according to what I’ve found it means a vacation spent at home.

Mom’s going to be home for two weeks???????????

Yes, now what’s the problem?

Well, we have our routines during the day.  We chase each other around the house.   We look out all the windows to see if anyone is around.  We take long peaceful naps.  We dump our toys out.

Don’t forget all the munching you do at the food dish.

Right.  But does this mean Mom’s going to interrupt our day and get in our way?

We better sit down and have a conversation with her.  It’s fine for us to interrupt her sleeping at night ‘cuz we have so much energy, but it’s not fine for her to interrupt our napping during the day!  She should know that.

Two weeks??????????????

I need my nap after chasing Hemingway all morning.
I need my nap after chasing Hemingway all morning.
I need my nap after watching Shakespeare eat all day.
I need my nap after watching Shakespeare eat all day.