Come Look……..

Hemingway, I think Santa Paws might have already been here and left something under this rug.  I’m going to check a little further and see if I can find something.

Under the Rug

Shakespeare, you’re so goofy.  Santa Paws isn’t going to leave something under the rug.  He’s going to leave something by this deer with all the lights.  I’m going to have the deer tell me as soon as Santa Paws arrives.

Hemingway and deer

Maybe if we both watch different spots then we’ll be sure to know when Santa Paws arrives!  Mom……….how many more days?????

6 thoughts on “Come Look……..

  1. H & S

    by R cal cue layshunz, SAnta will be heer in eleventee twelve dayz….start talkin ta de deer N de rug !!!

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