Hot Tuna and Frozen Tundra

We were really excited to see Mom come home tonight.

We’re always excited to see Mom come home, but tonight was special.

First of all, we could tell she had been to the grocery store where they have all the food and that’s always a good thing.

Secondly we had been hearing on TV and the radio that it was going to be a bazillion degrees below zero tonight and we wanted her to get home safely before she froze into an ice block.

We were kind of silly when she came home ‘cuz we thought we should go outside but she told us to stay inside.   I sniffed that really cold air out there and decided she was right.

Sometimes humans know what they’re talking about.

Mom decided to give us a special treat from the things she brought home from the store with all the food.  She said she was going to make a tuna hot dish and she would take care of us.

All we heard was tuna!

We thought she was being silly ‘cuz we both know that anything she puts into that big box in the kitchen seems to get hot and we’re told not to touch it.  So why call it a hot dish?  We knew that!

Anyway, she surprised us by giving us some tuna water and some tuna when she was putting all the stuff together to put in that big box.

Then when we finished eating she took our pictures!

No, I'm not ashamed.....I'm just washing my face!
No, I’m not ashamed…..I’m just washing my face!
It's hard to tell, but I'm working on cleaning my face, too!
It’s hard to tell, but I’m working on cleaning my face, too!

Now we’re going to ask Uncle Bob if he will build us a big fire like this one:

Copy of P1020386

By the way, does anyone know what a bazillion is?  Is it more than all the toes on all of our feet?

Souper Bowl

I'm so happy Mom left these lights out for me!
I’m so happy Mom left these lights out for me!

I just love to spend time staring at these colored lights.  Mom sort of understands ‘cuz she likes the colored lights, too.  That’s why she left them up so she and I can enjoy them on the cold winter nights.  What is that racket?

It’s just me.  I’m looking for something and I need to find it right now!  Where’s the paper and pen?  I need to write down a few things.

What are you going to write?

I’m going to write a list of things for Mom to get for our Souper Bowl.

Oh for goodness sake.  It’s not Souper Bowl.  It’s Super Bowl and it’s a big football game that the humans get all excited about.

Sounds the same.

Remember how I’ve told you about the words humans have and how confusing they are?

Oh, I keep forgetting.  It’s so much easier to understand us kitties.  The problem is they usually don’t listen carefully.  Anyway………….I think my idea of a Souper Bowl is great.


Think of it.  Mom could fix a big batch of Souper for us.  It could have tuna and tuna water, catnip, some milk, a little cheese and then for crunch she can put in Greenies and treats.  Then the best part would be the Bowl.  I’ve heard that sometimes humans make bowls out of bread!  How delightful!  I would be in heaven if I had a bowl made out of bread.  Maybe if I do my cute pose, Mom will get me a bowl made out of bread for my food.

Mom, is this pose cute enough for you to get me a bread bowl???
Mom, is this pose cute enough for you to get me a bread bowl???

Only Shakespeare can turn a blog about football into one about food!  That’s my little brother!

Kitty Khoir……Our New Activity

Since Mom seems to spend so much time at choir, we decided we should organize a kitty khoir so we can keep busy, too.  Besides, then we could have family events and Mom says that’s always a good thing.

Of course I can read music.  Can you direct a Kitty Khoir?
Of course I can read music. Can you direct a Kitty Khoir?

Who’s going to be in the kitty khoir?

Well, there are four basic sections in a human choir.

How do you know?

Mom told me.  Anyway, we have the sopranos who are the girl humans.  They sing the high squeaky notes.

Oh……..I know!!!!  We can get kittens to sing soprano.  They’re always squeaking and making those really high noises.

Good idea.  Then we have the altos.  They sing lower than the sopranos and they are also usually the girl humans.

So maybe the mommy kitties could sing that part.  I’ve heard they sometimes sing to the baby kittens to calm them.  I wonder if my mommy sang to me.

Mom sings to us now and she’s an alto so I think we have that part figured out perfectly.

What’s next?

Next we have the tenors.

Ten or what?

Tenors.  Those are usually the boy kitties who don’t sing really low.

I still don’t understand ten or what.  Maybe it should be the six-toed cats.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  That human who has the same name as you had six-toed cats. They have ten or twelve toes on just two feet sometimes……and they can have even more toes! So they would be ten ors.

I don't know what the number of toes you have has to do with singing, but I think we figured it out.
I don’t know what the number of toes you have has to do with singing, but I think we figured it out.

I’m not sure that’s right, but it’s making sense to me and since my name is involved there must be something to it  so let’s go for it.  Finally we have the basses.

BASSES????  We can’t have fish in our kitty khoir!!!  They would never last.

Relax.  It’s one of those human things with their words again.  It’s spelled bass but actually pronounced base, like first base in baseball.  Those are the male kitties who sing really, really low.

So we can get the old male kitties that are crabby.  They’re used to growling and that usually sounds like rumbling.

I think we’ve got it figured out!  Now we just have to get some volunteers and set up a practice schedule.  Mom’s going to be so surprised that we’re getting involved in some of her activities.

This is my close-up for my solo.
This is my close-up for my solo.

Hemingway…………can we stop all this planning now and go get something to eat?  I’m sure we can find the treats if we start looking.

Go Away Winter

We got to go outside this morning!

Mom said we had to go out now ‘cuz the weather was going to change this afternoon and it was going to be real windy and real cold.

 Copy of P1020358 

This is me sitting by the gate.  This is how Mom goes in and out of the yard when she takes her walk.  I don’t feel like walking today so I’m glad Mom went out earlier.

Copy of P1020359

This is me checking out some new smells in the yard.  I think my squirrel buddy must have been around earlier this morning.  Mom says he was probably looking for some food so he could curl up in his nest when it gets cold.

Copy of P1020363

Well, Mom was right!  It got really,  really windy and even though that bright light in the sky is shining, it is getting really, really cold.  It’s already below freezing and Mom said the temperature will be dropping below zero.  I still don’t understand how the temperature can be less than zero.  I thought zero was the end!  Anyway, I’m just going to hide in my box the rest of the night.

Copy of P1020366

I’m just going to curl up on the bed to stay warm.  Mom, I was sleeping so good.  Why did you disturb me with that stupid camera?

Copy of P1020364

Mom….wake me when it’s warmer……or when you have some treats for us….whichever comes first.

Mom’s Turn

Being good.......
Mom, we’re just going to take a nap while you work.

Why did Mom go to the vet yesterday?

She didn’t go to the vet, she went to her doctor.  Humans don’t call their doctors vets.

Fine, but you haven’t answered my question.

Get out of the way ‘cuz Mom wants to talk to our readers.   You’re always sitting in front of the computer monitor.

Well, I suppose I can let her have the computer for a little while.  Just don’t be too long ‘cuz I’m sure it’s treat time somewhere in the world.

From The Mom:

The boys told me that they’ve been writing about some of my health scares lately. I appreciate the kind words and encouragement from all the fur people friends and their humans.  I was beginning to think that Hemingway was right when he said getting healthy can be hazardous to one’s health.

Let me explain.  Back in September, after getting some pretty bad blood work results, I decided it was time to change my route and make a turn onto a healthier road.  I started out by walking every morning.  I still do that and I now do a little over a mile and a half every morning.  I have not missed one day.  Living in Minnesota, winter walking outside can be risky…..and sometimes impossible.  There was only one day so far when I had to turn around and go back home because it was too slippery.  However, when I came home from work that day, I went out and did my walk so my record stands.

In addition to the walking, I’ve changed my eating habits.  I’m not following anyone’s plan.  I’m doing what feels good to me.  I’ve noticed that instead of craving chocolate and other sweets, now I crave salads.  Who would have thought that could happen???  It would be like Shakespeare deciding he didn’t like treats.

So, all of this should be good for me, right?  Well, I sing in choir at my church and we do live streaming broadcasts of our services.  The past two Sundays I have gone from a normal color to gray and sweaty in front of my director’s eyes.  The first time it happened, it was so intense that I actually had to sit down in front of God and everyone!  I was told later that nobody saw me do it.  I figured it was better than falling over other members of the choir as I crashed to the ground.  We are fortunate to have several doctors and nurses in choir so I had excellent care after these episodes.  It’s no fun at all to get so disconnected with earth!

Since it happened two weeks in a row, my doctor wanted me to come in so we could figure out the problem.  No heart attacks showed on my EKG, but my pulse was only 46 and she didn’t like that.  She is weaning me off of the blood pressure medication I’ve been on and has started me on a new one.  She had already tried cutting my original dose in half, but since I had the same problem a week later, the medication was still not right.  So, for a couple of weeks my body will be adjusting to this new medication while going off the old one.

The reason this happened is that I’ve lost about 50 pounds since I started this new journey.  My body is going through all sorts of changes.  My doctor also told me that I need to add protein to my breakfast to keep me going during the day.  I was happily eating my oatmeal and blueberries, but now I’m also eating some protein.

Would I change anything?  Nope!  This is turning out to be an interesting journey.  Anyone else going on a new healthy road, needs to remember to stay in touch with their doctor.  I’ve been able to drop one medication entirely and that makes me very happy.  My latest blood work was stellar so both my doctor and I are pleased.

The boys don’t understand all that I’m doing, but they watch out for me.  They are great little caregivers.  However, I’ve noticed that when doing something nice, they think they deserve a treat.  They’re not that different from us humans!

Sorry to be so long-winded, but the boys don’t let me use the computer that much.  Thanks for listening.

Can we have our treats now Mom?

Just Another Winter Saturday

Mom went out walking this morning when it was cold and windy.

We stayed inside where it was warm and toasty.

That’s not bad, but when she came back we weren’t at the door to greet her ‘cuz we were busy playing.

I took care of things.  If Mom is being that good about getting healthy, then we should be there to encourage her.

Copy of P1020356

I talked to the “outdoor kitty” and told him that since he’s doing nothing out there, he should let us know when Mom starts walking up the driveway.  He whispered in my ear and told me he would take care of it.

I’m going to help, too!

Copy of P1020357

I’m going to read up on Mom’s medication here and make sure she’s doing it right.

Mom should be so glad we’re here to take care of her!

Losing Weight

I think losing weight is bad for your health.

Hemingway, you know that’s wrong.  Why would you say something like that?  Is it because you’re chunkier than I am?

Shakespeare, that’s not even nice.  Remember yesterday?

I remember most of it, why?

When Mom came home from church she didn’t drive her own car home and she was a really funny color.  Even Uncle Bob was concerned and he got out this machine that measures how fast her blood moves around in her body. Boys and BP

I was wondering what that thing did.  I kept talking while Uncle Bob was using it but he was ignoring me.

Hemingway and BP

I asked Mom what was happening.  She said that when she was in church that morning she got real dizzy and felt awful.  She said she had to sit down during the choir anthem because she felt like she was going to faint.  She told me her doctor and nurse friends who are in choir with her checked on her after the choir left the platform.  They wanted to make sure it wasn’t real serious but they also wouldn’t let her drive home by herself.

Is Mom ok now?

Yes.  She talked to her doctor and was told that because she’s losing weight and eating healthier, she has to have her medications changed.  She said that’s a good thing, but I still think that losing weight is bad for you.  Just look at what happened to Mom.  I don’t want that to happen to me.

That’s just an excuse.  Come over here and check how much you weigh.  Mom uses this every morning and I’ve watched her so I know how it works.  We should both be as healthy as we can be so Mom will be proud of us.  Besides, Mom has lots more energy now and she feels better, so losing weight isn’t hurting her.

Shakespeare and Scale

I guess you’re right but I sure hope Mom doesn’t make us go out on those long walks with her every morning.

She won’t do that ‘cuz she doesn’t want us out when it’s dark.  I think we’re safe…..unless we start eating too many treats.  What an awful thought!!!  If you get too chunky because you eat too many treats, then she’ll cut down on the treats for both of us.  Hemingway, don’t you get so chunky that Mom cuts down on our treats!  Get on that exercise bike right now.

Shakespeare, did anyone ever tell you that as a little brother you’re a real pain?


Mom’s been talking about our habits.

Yes, and some of our habits are good but some of them are bad.  Guess which one of us has the most bad habits…..

Shakespeare, button it!

Well, you know you have the bad habit of jumping up on Mom’s desk.

So?  You have the bad habit of yelling for your food.

Boys, are you arguing again?

No way, Mom!  Now keep your voice down, Shakespeare.  Let’s talk about our good habits.

Mom said I have a good habit of purring loudly when she’s petting me.  I also have a habit of letting her know it’s time for treats.  I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but I know it’s good for me!

This morning Mom told me that she loves my habit of waiting by the door for her.


Every morning Mom gets up and feeds us first and then she gets dressed and goes out into the cold air and takes a walk.  You get back on your pillow and sleep after you eat.  I, on the other paw, go wait by the door to make sure Mom gets home safely.  When she sees me she smiles and waves.  I like that.

That walking thing must be one of Mom’s habits.  I really don’t understand why she likes to go out there when it’s dark and cold and there’s all that white stuff on the ground.

She told me that it’s good for her health.  I’m glad she hasn’t decided that we need to go for walks, too.

I just thought of another bad habit you have.  You wake Mom up too early.

I do that because you’re whining about being hungry and you just can’t wait any longer for breakfast.

So, waking up Mom is a good habit…… least for us!

I’ve been thinking.  Habits and humans start with the same letter so maybe we fur people don’t actually have habits.  Maybe it’s all part of our “kitty kulture”.

That’s it!!!!  We’re Kreatures of Kulture!!!