Just Another Winter Saturday

Mom went out walking this morning when it was cold and windy.

We stayed inside where it was warm and toasty.

That’s not bad, but when she came back we weren’t at the door to greet her ‘cuz we were busy playing.

I took care of things.  If Mom is being that good about getting healthy, then we should be there to encourage her.

Copy of P1020356

I talked to the “outdoor kitty” and told him that since he’s doing nothing out there, he should let us know when Mom starts walking up the driveway.  He whispered in my ear and told me he would take care of it.

I’m going to help, too!

Copy of P1020357

I’m going to read up on Mom’s medication here and make sure she’s doing it right.

Mom should be so glad we’re here to take care of her!

8 thoughts on “Just Another Winter Saturday

    1. Outdoor Kitty is pretty quiet but he’s very faithful and always guards the door. Mom said to let you know that she’s doing great and is avoiding all the flu bugs. We don’t know what she’s talking about ‘cuz if we see a bug, we chase it. Oh well, it must be a human thing.

  1. doods…grate job on helpin yur mom out like this N we hope her reel eyesezz this meens mor trout N treets for ewe both as a ree ward 🙂

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