Mom’s Turn

Being good.......
Mom, we’re just going to take a nap while you work.

Why did Mom go to the vet yesterday?

She didn’t go to the vet, she went to her doctor.  Humans don’t call their doctors vets.

Fine, but you haven’t answered my question.

Get out of the way ‘cuz Mom wants to talk to our readers.   You’re always sitting in front of the computer monitor.

Well, I suppose I can let her have the computer for a little while.  Just don’t be too long ‘cuz I’m sure it’s treat time somewhere in the world.

From The Mom:

The boys told me that they’ve been writing about some of my health scares lately. I appreciate the kind words and encouragement from all the fur people friends and their humans.  I was beginning to think that Hemingway was right when he said getting healthy can be hazardous to one’s health.

Let me explain.  Back in September, after getting some pretty bad blood work results, I decided it was time to change my route and make a turn onto a healthier road.  I started out by walking every morning.  I still do that and I now do a little over a mile and a half every morning.  I have not missed one day.  Living in Minnesota, winter walking outside can be risky…..and sometimes impossible.  There was only one day so far when I had to turn around and go back home because it was too slippery.  However, when I came home from work that day, I went out and did my walk so my record stands.

In addition to the walking, I’ve changed my eating habits.  I’m not following anyone’s plan.  I’m doing what feels good to me.  I’ve noticed that instead of craving chocolate and other sweets, now I crave salads.  Who would have thought that could happen???  It would be like Shakespeare deciding he didn’t like treats.

So, all of this should be good for me, right?  Well, I sing in choir at my church and we do live streaming broadcasts of our services.  The past two Sundays I have gone from a normal color to gray and sweaty in front of my director’s eyes.  The first time it happened, it was so intense that I actually had to sit down in front of God and everyone!  I was told later that nobody saw me do it.  I figured it was better than falling over other members of the choir as I crashed to the ground.  We are fortunate to have several doctors and nurses in choir so I had excellent care after these episodes.  It’s no fun at all to get so disconnected with earth!

Since it happened two weeks in a row, my doctor wanted me to come in so we could figure out the problem.  No heart attacks showed on my EKG, but my pulse was only 46 and she didn’t like that.  She is weaning me off of the blood pressure medication I’ve been on and has started me on a new one.  She had already tried cutting my original dose in half, but since I had the same problem a week later, the medication was still not right.  So, for a couple of weeks my body will be adjusting to this new medication while going off the old one.

The reason this happened is that I’ve lost about 50 pounds since I started this new journey.  My body is going through all sorts of changes.  My doctor also told me that I need to add protein to my breakfast to keep me going during the day.  I was happily eating my oatmeal and blueberries, but now I’m also eating some protein.

Would I change anything?  Nope!  This is turning out to be an interesting journey.  Anyone else going on a new healthy road, needs to remember to stay in touch with their doctor.  I’ve been able to drop one medication entirely and that makes me very happy.  My latest blood work was stellar so both my doctor and I are pleased.

The boys don’t understand all that I’m doing, but they watch out for me.  They are great little caregivers.  However, I’ve noticed that when doing something nice, they think they deserve a treat.  They’re not that different from us humans!

Sorry to be so long-winded, but the boys don’t let me use the computer that much.  Thanks for listening.

Can we have our treats now Mom?

15 thoughts on “Mom’s Turn

  1. Pam, I ‘m so glad you got to see your doctor this week and that the test results showed no heart attack. I’m praying for you every day, as you walk this new journey. I’m very, very proud of you!

  2. H & S. veree happee for yur mom. her iz on a road ta better health sew her haz manee manee days ahead ta bee with ewe both. veree glad two her wuz knot out walkin both times her blood pressurez dropped, that coulda ended up knot sew good. her hada guardian angel lookin out for her that day for sure. maybe come spring time yur mom can get a stroller and take ewe on her walks !!! course they take gettin used two. heerez ta a healthee mew yeer ta everee one, anda few treets everee now and then for ewe both and mom two, well knot her eatin YUR treetz iz OK!!!!

  3. I know how hard it is to make changes (especially with weight). I had lost 44 lbs with Weight Watcher’s (which to me is still the BEST and safest plan that exists for LONG term success)…yes…I gained half back this past year but that had nothing to do with WW and everything to do with stress going on with ME.
    When you work the plan, the plan works.
    You are right about keeping in touch with your doctor because with every 10 lbs things are different.
    Hoping they can get your meds regulated and KUDOS to you on all of the positive changes you have been making!!!

    1. The Mom here: Thanks so much for your encouragement. I’m finding this journey interesting, but also easier than in the past. I think it’s because it was my decision to change and I’m just trying to be more in tune with what my body needs. Good luck to you as well! Stress can really be hard on us humans…….and on the fur people, too.

  4. Our mom says good for you in deciding to take a healthier route! We hope you continue to do well and you can get your medication right. And you’re lucky that Shakespeare and Hemmingway care so much about you.

  5. That is awesome that you are taking care of yourself and doing well enough that it is requiring a change in medication! Even awesomer that the kitties are being such a great support system. Maybe you can give them healthy treats, like freeze-dried chicken!

  6. Pam, so proud of you for walking…’s a start to so many things! I know you can make it this time. Your Mom is watching (I know) and very proud of you and cheering you on!

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