Go Away Winter

We got to go outside this morning!

Mom said we had to go out now ‘cuz the weather was going to change this afternoon and it was going to be real windy and real cold.

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This is me sitting by the gate.  This is how Mom goes in and out of the yard when she takes her walk.  I don’t feel like walking today so I’m glad Mom went out earlier.

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This is me checking out some new smells in the yard.  I think my squirrel buddy must have been around earlier this morning.  Mom says he was probably looking for some food so he could curl up in his nest when it gets cold.

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Well, Mom was right!  It got really,  really windy and even though that bright light in the sky is shining, it is getting really, really cold.  It’s already below freezing and Mom said the temperature will be dropping below zero.  I still don’t understand how the temperature can be less than zero.  I thought zero was the end!  Anyway, I’m just going to hide in my box the rest of the night.

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I’m just going to curl up on the bed to stay warm.  Mom, I was sleeping so good.  Why did you disturb me with that stupid camera?

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Mom….wake me when it’s warmer……or when you have some treats for us….whichever comes first.