Kitty Khoir……Our New Activity

Since Mom seems to spend so much time at choir, we decided we should organize a kitty khoir so we can keep busy, too.  Besides, then we could have family events and Mom says that’s always a good thing.

Of course I can read music.  Can you direct a Kitty Khoir?
Of course I can read music. Can you direct a Kitty Khoir?

Who’s going to be in the kitty khoir?

Well, there are four basic sections in a human choir.

How do you know?

Mom told me.  Anyway, we have the sopranos who are the girl humans.  They sing the high squeaky notes.

Oh……..I know!!!!  We can get kittens to sing soprano.  They’re always squeaking and making those really high noises.

Good idea.  Then we have the altos.  They sing lower than the sopranos and they are also usually the girl humans.

So maybe the mommy kitties could sing that part.  I’ve heard they sometimes sing to the baby kittens to calm them.  I wonder if my mommy sang to me.

Mom sings to us now and she’s an alto so I think we have that part figured out perfectly.

What’s next?

Next we have the tenors.

Ten or what?

Tenors.  Those are usually the boy kitties who don’t sing really low.

I still don’t understand ten or what.  Maybe it should be the six-toed cats.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  That human who has the same name as you had six-toed cats. They have ten or twelve toes on just two feet sometimes……and they can have even more toes! So they would be ten ors.

I don't know what the number of toes you have has to do with singing, but I think we figured it out.
I don’t know what the number of toes you have has to do with singing, but I think we figured it out.

I’m not sure that’s right, but it’s making sense to me and since my name is involved there must be something to it  so let’s go for it.  Finally we have the basses.

BASSES????  We can’t have fish in our kitty khoir!!!  They would never last.

Relax.  It’s one of those human things with their words again.  It’s spelled bass but actually pronounced base, like first base in baseball.  Those are the male kitties who sing really, really low.

So we can get the old male kitties that are crabby.  They’re used to growling and that usually sounds like rumbling.

I think we’ve got it figured out!  Now we just have to get some volunteers and set up a practice schedule.  Mom’s going to be so surprised that we’re getting involved in some of her activities.

This is my close-up for my solo.
This is my close-up for my solo.

Hemingway…………can we stop all this planning now and go get something to eat?  I’m sure we can find the treats if we start looking.

6 thoughts on “Kitty Khoir……Our New Activity

  1. we dunno if we can carry a toon even ina basket but if yur kneadin sum bass we gotta shipmint oh sea bass comin in on fryday N yur welcome two it AND we wood like ta sing in yur khoir if ya knead sum singers let yz noe !!

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