Hot Tuna and Frozen Tundra

We were really excited to see Mom come home tonight.

We’re always excited to see Mom come home, but tonight was special.

First of all, we could tell she had been to the grocery store where they have all the food and that’s always a good thing.

Secondly we had been hearing on TV and the radio that it was going to be a bazillion degrees below zero tonight and we wanted her to get home safely before she froze into an ice block.

We were kind of silly when she came home ‘cuz we thought we should go outside but she told us to stay inside.   I sniffed that really cold air out there and decided she was right.

Sometimes humans know what they’re talking about.

Mom decided to give us a special treat from the things she brought home from the store with all the food.  She said she was going to make a tuna hot dish and she would take care of us.

All we heard was tuna!

We thought she was being silly ‘cuz we both know that anything she puts into that big box in the kitchen seems to get hot and we’re told not to touch it.  So why call it a hot dish?  We knew that!

Anyway, she surprised us by giving us some tuna water and some tuna when she was putting all the stuff together to put in that big box.

Then when we finished eating she took our pictures!

No, I'm not ashamed.....I'm just washing my face!
No, I’m not ashamed…..I’m just washing my face!
It's hard to tell, but I'm working on cleaning my face, too!
It’s hard to tell, but I’m working on cleaning my face, too!

Now we’re going to ask Uncle Bob if he will build us a big fire like this one:

Copy of P1020386

By the way, does anyone know what a bazillion is?  Is it more than all the toes on all of our feet?

10 thoughts on “Hot Tuna and Frozen Tundra

  1. meowloz H & S. ewe wuz rite ta stay inside coz a bazillion is like a katrillion times eleventee million N trust uz…. we noe R math. glad ya getted sum tuna outta de deal and haza grate nite and keeps warm !!

  2. You guys are so cute…do you get more Tuna for your birthdays? I know Captain Jack and Goliath do..they love it!

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