We Love Surprises!!!

The other day Aunty Pat stopped by and brought us some presents.

She said she was celebrating both of our birthdays by bringing presents in between when our birthdays fall.  Mom showed us the stuff briefly but tonight she finally let us really look at our presents and sample them.

I don’t think it’s fair!  Hemingway’s birthday was in December and that was LAST year!  My birthday  is next month…hey March starts tomorrow….and I should get more of the treats.

Mom said we have to share so quit complaining.

Copy of P1020460

Look at all the treats!!!!

Copy of P1020459

We LOVE treats!  Thank you,  Aunty Pat!

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Then to make today even more special, Mom gave us TUNA JUICE!!!!

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Mom…..stop taking our picture.  We’re trying to eat!!!  We don’t take pictures of you eating.

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Bath time after tuna juice.

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I don’t know if I’ll get all the tuna juice off before I fall asleep.  What a wonderful day.

MOM!!!! We Have Some Great Ideas!!!

Hemningway on Pillow

Mom….since Shakespeare’s birthday is next month, I have a great idea.  Why don’t you get him a big pillow?  See how I hang over all the place on this one?  I know he would love it and I’ll make sure that he shares it with me.

Shakespeare and Plumeria

Mom…..I’m so excited that my birthday’s coming but don’t listen to Hemingway.  I don’t need a big pillow.  I don’t hang all over the place on that pillow and I like it.  Hemingway just needs to get on the treadmill.  However, notice how nice these plumeria leaves look on my head?  I think it would be great to go to the beach for my birthday.  Just think……….we could get out of the snow and cold.

Mom….if we go to the beach, how are we getting there and how far is it?

The Mom:  Boys, the beach is really far away and we would have to drive for several days or take a plane. 

No way!!!!  I’m not going in the car.

I don’t want to be in a  car that long either.

Maybe that pillow is a good idea after all….

Weekend Wonderings

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I wonder if we’ll ever see grass again.  Mom goes out all the time on weekends and I just don’t understand why she does that.  She let us out for a little bit and I thought it was cold!  Then I tried walking on the ice and my feet kept slipping.  What’s up with that?  Why does winter last FOREVER???

Copy of P1020446

I wonder how long Mom is going to be mad at me.  It was her fault!  She left the gate open a little and I thought I should check and see if this snow and ice stuff is everywhere or just in our back yard.  I didn’t go very far at all and I can tell you for sure that the snow and ice are EVERYWHERE!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

While Mom was at work we got her camera and took pictures of each other so we could post them on our blog.

Shakespeare tried to eat the camera.  He thought it was food…………as usual.

Did not!

Anyway, we just wanted to tell Mom how much we love her so we figured this would be a good way.

We also wanted to let her know what she should give us for Valentine’s Day……but mostly we wanted to let her know we love her.

I'm not sure if Shakespeare got my best side.
I’m not sure if Shakespeare got my best side.

We want to wish all our friends and relatives a Very Happy Valentine’s Day.  We hope you spread the love all over the world.

I think Hemingway didn't include my tail in this picture on purpose!
I think Hemingway didn’t include my tail in this picture on purpose!

When you finish celebrating Valentine’s Day then you can go shopping for my birthday present ‘cuz my third birthday is in March.  (Hemingway was finished with the computer so he didn’t see me add this.  Purrrrrrr.)

Mom Got Us a Present!

Mom said that she feels sorry for us ‘cuz we can’t go outside and play so she brought home a present for us tonight.

We have plenty of things to play with inside but don’t tell Mom ‘cuz we think it’s so neat that she got us a present.

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Shakespeare, you’ve got your big head in the way so nobody can see!

Copy of P1020428

That’s better.  At least I know to stand away so everyone can see!  Look!  It’s a picture painted by our fur person friend, Quint!  Mom told us all about him and how he likes to paint these beautiful pictures.  Now we have an original!  Now we have to get our own wall so we can hang our painting.

Copy of P1020427

I like this!  There’s even some of my orange color in the picture.  Thanks, Quint!  Mom told us that some of the proceeds from Quint’s art goes to help other kitties who don’t have homes.  That’s really special ‘cuz both of us were homeless when we were kittens.

Copy of P1020430

Mom knows I like to look at things from all vantage points.

Copy of P1020436

I bet I could paint…………MOM…..GET ME SOME PAINTS!!!!

Copy of P1020432

Yep……..lying down is the best way to view fine art.

Thanks Mom!

Snowy Sunday

Mom, I don't see much snow out this door!
Mom, I don’t see much snow out this door!

Mom says we’re supposed to get more of that white stuff today so we have to stay inside.

Well, there's a little more outside of this door.
Well, there’s a little more outside of this door.

I don’t like snow.  I think I’ll just take a nap.

Copy of P1020418 2

Maybe I should just take a nap, too.

Copy of P1020417

We took a nap and more snow came!
We took a nap and more snow came!

Copy of P1020421

Mom………..this is never going to melt and we’ll NEVER get to go outside again!

This is not my happy face!!!
This is not my happy face!!!

It’s So White

Mom let us go outside today ‘cuz she was tired of us begging. 

She warned us that we weren’t going to like it but we didn’t listen.

2 Hemingway Feb 3

Mom……..I used to be able to jump off the deck here and run around in the yard.  What happened?  It’s all white and I don’t think I want to jump in it.

February 3

At least I can still get to my “hidey” spot.  However, I am just as confused as Hemingway.  Why is all that white stuff out there?  Where are my birdie, squirrel and bunny friends?

Hemingway Feb 3

Shhhhhhh………..do I hear a bird………or do I smell more snow coming?

Feb 3

Mom, it’s a good thing you have plenty of wood here ‘cuz we like the fires.  I remember when I used to jump off this end of the deck and chase Hemingway around in the yard.  I don’t think I’ll do that now.

Well, we didn’t stay out very long.  We probably should have listened to Mom but we had to find out for ourselves.

Now we have to spend lots of time getting our feet all cleaned.  It was hard to walk out there and try to shake all four feet at once.

Mom was laughing at us but then she gave us treats when we came inside.

Now it’s time to nap before that souper bowl thing.  I can’t wait to see what’s in my soup!