It’s So White

Mom let us go outside today ‘cuz she was tired of us begging. 

She warned us that we weren’t going to like it but we didn’t listen.

2 Hemingway Feb 3

Mom……..I used to be able to jump off the deck here and run around in the yard.  What happened?  It’s all white and I don’t think I want to jump in it.

February 3

At least I can still get to my “hidey” spot.  However, I am just as confused as Hemingway.  Why is all that white stuff out there?  Where are my birdie, squirrel and bunny friends?

Hemingway Feb 3

Shhhhhhh……… I hear a bird………or do I smell more snow coming?

Feb 3

Mom, it’s a good thing you have plenty of wood here ‘cuz we like the fires.  I remember when I used to jump off this end of the deck and chase Hemingway around in the yard.  I don’t think I’ll do that now.

Well, we didn’t stay out very long.  We probably should have listened to Mom but we had to find out for ourselves.

Now we have to spend lots of time getting our feet all cleaned.  It was hard to walk out there and try to shake all four feet at once.

Mom was laughing at us but then she gave us treats when we came inside.

Now it’s time to nap before that souper bowl thing.  I can’t wait to see what’s in my soup!

14 thoughts on “It’s So White

  1. lol, my cats dont like snow either, i dont let them outside but when it snows i’ll open the door and hold them and walk out a little they dont like it at all lol… they like to watch the snow fall… but inside fromt he window lol..

    1. Mom says we’re stubborn just like her so she’ll let us out on the deck but only for a few minutes. That’s all we need. We just need to smell that outside air a little. Mom says we get cabin fever. We don’t understand what she’s saying ‘cuz we feel fine!

  2. hope ya both hada grate bowl oh tuna flounder mackeral snapper sardeen soup H & S…we haz all that stuff outside two but we will take yur add vice and stay in 🙂 !!!! happee monday 🙂

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