Weekend Wonderings

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I wonder if we’ll ever see grass again.  Mom goes out all the time on weekends and I just don’t understand why she does that.  She let us out for a little bit and I thought it was cold!  Then I tried walking on the ice and my feet kept slipping.  What’s up with that?  Why does winter last FOREVER???

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I wonder how long Mom is going to be mad at me.  It was her fault!  She left the gate open a little and I thought I should check and see if this snow and ice stuff is everywhere or just in our back yard.  I didn’t go very far at all and I can tell you for sure that the snow and ice are EVERYWHERE!!!

14 thoughts on “Weekend Wonderings

  1. *le sigh* We haven’t gotten any snow or ice this year, though our Mom says there’s still time. We don’t get it often and have to like vicariously through photos like yours! Hope you and your toesies are staying toasty this weekend! Purrs…

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