I’m THREE!!!

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Mom says I’m in the spotlight today ‘cuz it’s my birthday.  She said I get to celebrate all day long and tell all my human friends and fur people.

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Look what Mom got me……a new scratching post!!!  She said I have to share it with my big brother, Hemingway.  Is that fair?

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Mom….are you sure he’s going to share with me?

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This is so cool!

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Mom…..I think there’s catnip in here!!!!

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Mom….look….Shakespeare is sharing with me!  Maybe now that he’s three like me, he won’t be such a little brat.  I’m glad he’s having a birthday today

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God, I’m so thankful that I’m three years old today.  You let me have this wonderful forever home.  You told Mom she should adopt me and she did.  You even gave me a big brother.  Sometimes he’s a royal pain and we fight, but I do love him.  Thank you for my new scratching post and all the treats.  I can’t believe I’m three.  Do you realize that’s almost all the toes on one paw?  I’m getting old!!!

Where’s Spring??

That big thing on the wall with all the numbers on it says that spring is supposed to start next week.

We don’t believe it so we asked Mom if we could go out and look for it today.

This is our adventure for the day!

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Why is this white stuff here?  It’s not supposed to be white in spring, is it?

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I don’t think I want to go out there!

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Even the outdoor kitty looks disgusted.  I tried to ask him where spring is and he wouldn’t tell me.

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Hi Axel!!!  Have you seen spring?  Ask your humans if they know where spring is.

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I don’t like walking on this!

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Just look at my feet!  They got that white stuff on them!!! MOM!!!!!!!!

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I wonder if spring is on the other side of this gate…….

Still Purring

We just wanted to let our readers know that we’re still purring, running and getting into things, but we’ve also been kind of busy trying to help Mom so that’s why we haven’t been on the puter for a while.

Mom told us she’s still having trouble getting her medication regulated now that she’s lost weight.  Good thing you’re not trying to lose weight, Hemingway!  See all the problems you would have?

Would not!  I don’t take any of that medicine stuff.  I only eat my food and my treats.

I'll Show You How

Here’s a picture of me showing Hemingway how to open our new bag of food.  That way Mom doesn’t have to worry about feeding us.  She can just sit and rest.  I think that’s very considerate of us.  Now you pull on that side, Hemingway!

Boys……..I will still feed you!  Don’t worry.  Just sit on my lap and purr and keep me company when I don’t seem to have any energy.  Tell your readers that the doctor and I are working on getting everything regulated.  The good news is that I’ve been able to go off another medication so that’s a great thing!  Now leave that bag of food alone.

Make It Stop!

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Shakespeare…..I think we’ve made a big mistake!

You’re telling me!  Did you look outside this morning?

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I know!!!!  I think we’ve been sending that little ball in the wrong direction and now we’re back in the middle of winter again.  Who invited all that white stuff to come again??

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Do you see Mom out there?  Is she mad?

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I can’t tell.  She’s been out there forever moving all that white stuff around.  Do you know how to make hot chocolate?

No, why?

Maybe if we give her a treat she will forget that we were spinning that little ball in the wrong direction.

We aren’t supposed to touch the stove or the microwave so I think we better greet her with purrs instead.

Ok….I’m going to make sure my purr is all tuned up!  Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr