IT’S HERE!!!!! IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!

This was less than a week ago:

Last April Snow

This was our glorious spring weekend:

Copy of P1020580

Mom got some flowers to put out on the deck so we would know it’s spring.

This wasn't here before.  I wonder if Mom bought it for me.....
This wasn’t here before. I wonder if Mom bought it for me…..
Hemingway.....come see the chair Mom bought me.
Hemingway…..come see the chair Mom bought me.
I'm too busy rolling in the dirt and leaves.  When I do that I know Mom will get the brush out and she'll brush me...and then I'll roll in the dirt and leaves again....and she'll brush me....and then.........
I’m too busy rolling in the dirt and leaves. When I do that I know Mom will get the brush out and she’ll brush me…and then I’ll roll in the dirt and leaves again….and she’ll brush me….and then………
You feels so good to lie out here in the sun again.  I'm so glad they got new batteries for it.
You know…it feels so good to lie out here in the sun again. I’m so glad the humans  got new batteries for it.
Shakespeare....have you seen Axel outside lately?  I wish he'd come out so we could run up and down the fence together.
Shakespeare….have you seen Axel outside lately? I wish he’d come out so we could run up and down the fence together.

From the Mom:  As you can see, the boys were so excited that spring finally came to our area.  They had so much fun outside.  Me?  Well, instead of pushing snow around I was raking up leaves and seed pods and checking to see what plants were starting to come up again.  Thanks to all of the boys’ friends who kept telling them that spring really would come again.  I hope everyone had as much fun as we did this weekend!

It Happened Again!

April 23

We woke up to this!  Can you believe it???  However, we figured out what’s happening.

We’re so smart!

You see….the angels have been really craving SnoCones lately.  They’ve been eating them like crazy.

Of course that means they’ve really been working that poor old SnoCone maker like crazy.

In fact……they’ve used it so much that it finally jammed and all the little flakes of ice have been falling down on us.

We really hope the angels get over their SnoCone craze soon.

………..or at least fix that stupid machine!

Morning April 23

Maybe blue sky April 23

Mom says if you look carefully, you can see the buds on the maple tree.  She says that’s a sign that spring might come!

Now What?

Mom….we wanted to play outside today!

Can’t you do anything about this?

Mom usually has a potted plant with pretty flowers in this thing.  Just look at it now!
Mom usually has a potted plant with pretty flowers in this thing. Just look at it now!
In December this would really be pretty, but it's almost the end of April!!!!
In December this would really be pretty, but it’s almost the end of April!!!!
Mom....why are you taking pictures of that white stuff?
Mom….why are you taking pictures of that white stuff?
This is disgusting.  Where am I supposed to walk?
This is disgusting. Where am I supposed to walk?

I can't find my way out of this!

Shakespeare, give it up.  It's just going to be too cold to play outside today.
Shakespeare, give it up. It’s just going to be too cold to play outside today.

Everyone is Confused

Hemingway and Paper

Hemingway……….why are you posting that picture?

Because Mom said she’s going Christmas shopping.

It’s not time for Christmas yet.

You and I know that but Mom is acting crazy.  She claims that all the humans have been brainwashed…….

Nobody’s going to wash my brain!!!

They’d have to find it first….chuckle

MOM……..Hemingway’s being naughty again.

ANYWAY…………Mom claims that the big thing hanging on the wall with all the numbers is wrong.  According to that we should be having spring, but just take a look outside…..

Stil April 18,2013

Something’s wrong!

I know.  That’s why Mom thinks all the humans are brainwashed and it’s no longer April but it’s actually December.

But I just had my birthday a couple of weeks ago and if it’s really December, that means your birthday is almost here and mine is coming again real soon.


But I’m worried about Mom.  Is there anything we can do?  Just look out the door at all the white!

April 18, 2013

Did you look out the other window where our catnip usually grows?  I found something really exciting there.

Flowers in the snow

Hey, aren’t those flowers?

Brave Flowers

Yes.  I think we better show them to Mom so she doesn’t think winter is here forever.

Where is spring

Mom, if you go out this door and go over by where our catnip grows you will see something special.  Wait…..I just happened to think of something.


If we tell Mom it really is April then she won’t go shopping for Christmas and birthday presents.  Maybe we should keep it quiet and just let her be confused.

Good idea.  Readers……..don’t let Mom know!


We keep reading blogs about fur people and their humans having fun outside in the warm sun.

We don’t have that!!!

We’re getting really testy about what the stupid weather people are allowing to come to our house.

We thought we were all done with that white stuff and the other day more of that stuff came and it’s staying!

We are not happy kitties.

We looked at that long thing on the wall that has all the numbers on it and it says spring is here.

It’s lying and it’s not nice to lie!

We were trying to figure out what’s wrong and we came up with a couple of ideas.  First of all, we’ve talked about this before and nobody listens.  That big bright light in the sky that brings the warmth has not been shining for several days.  We are convinced it needs new batteries.  We keep telling Mom that if she gives us the batteries we’ll try to put them in but all she does is look at us.

Just the other day we were discussing this awful weather and we came up with another idea.

Yes, we don’t know why we didn’t think of this before.  Many of the humans have these big boxes outside that blow cold air into their homes in the summer when it gets hot.

Mom said last summer ours was broken so we didn’t get any cold air to cool us off but then she got a new box and if summer ever comes again she said it will be cool in the house.

Anyway, we are convinced that all these big boxes have been leaking their cold air into space and now there’s a big abundance of cold air and it has taken over the weather here.

All the humans need to check those big boxes and see if they are leaking and if they are, they better fix them right away.

As usual, we’ve discovered that the weather problems can be blamed on the humans.  They need to put new batteries in the bright light in the sky and they need to plug up those big boxes outside so the warm air can come.

Thank you for listening to us.  Please take care of things now ‘cuz we’re getting crabby staying inside!

Mom Wants to Talk…….

Flowers from Patricia

I was calmly sleeping on Mom’s lap.  Don’t tell anyone but I think she was sleeping, too.  Shakespeare was off in the other room napping on his blankie.  Suddenly there was a knock at the door and it scared Mom and me.  Mom got up and found these beautiful flowers on the step.  Of course I had to check them out.


Aren’t they pretty?  I asked Mom why she got flowers from her good friend and she asked if it would be ok for her to share in our blog.  She said there is a rather long story about why these flowers are so special and why they arrived at the perfect time.  Go ahead Mom……

I just wanted to stop in and say hi to all of Hemingway and Shakespeare’s readers.  They are incredible boys in my life. 

Those flowers that arrived today helped me so much.  Back last September I got tired of not feeling super good and I decided I would start walking every day to see if I could change my life a little.  It would have been easier if I still had my dog because then she would insist on a walk every day.  Hemingway and Shakespeare just don’t get the idea of going out for a walk.

Because of my stubbornness, I kept at the walking and now after a little over seven months, I can say that I have walked every day and not missed one.  Bear in mind that this was during winter in Minnesota so I often wondered if my head was on straight.  I could go to the mall to walk.  I could go to the gym.  I could skip the walk if it was snowing or too cold.  My answer to all those excuses was, NO WAY!!!

Since starting on my walking routine, I have lost about 70 pounds.  I have been able to get off my ulcer medication and my blood pressure medication.   My most recent lab results showed my total cholesterol at 139 so my doctor told me I could start taking only half a pill a day for cholesterol.  I’m hoping to eventually get off that medication as well.

Along with the walking I changed my eating habits.  I pretty much cut out sugar and since I have a mouth full of sweet teeth, that was a major challenge.  Now I may have some chocolate on a special occasion, but I’ve found that I really don’t need much.  I’ve increased the consumption of vegetables and fruits.  I’ve cut way down on meat, bread and cheese.  Who knew I would get excited about making a vegetable soup that is filled with every vegetable imaginable!

This whole journey has been done on my own, by myself.  I suppose I could have faster results if I joined a club or followed some routine or took pills.  I don’t want to do that.  I changed because it was time and because I wanted to do it for me.  I didn’t set goals because there’s no stopping with this.  It’s a new lifestyle and hopefully it’s one that I will live with the rest of my life.

I’ll confess that sometimes while watching “The Biggest Loser” I would get frustrated because I wasn’t losing 20 pounds a week.  Well, I don’t have time to work out ten hours a day.  I live in the real world and I have a job.  Besides, do all those contestants really keep the weight off once they get back to reality?

So, back to the flowers.  I was anxious to get my latest lab results and when my doctor sent them, she said that I was doing a fantastic job.  Then the other shoe fell.  There is a little bit of a medical hiccup that I have to deal with quickly.  It scared me and depressed me.  I called my girlfriend and talked it out with her last night.  Then she sent me the flowers today.  I had already calmed down and was thinking more logically (amazing what a night of sleep can do for the brain).

This morning I ran into another friend and he told me that because I was doing such a good job, he was inspired to start walking to get his health back.  That really touched me.

People are noticing a change in me now and it’s not just because of the baggy clothes.  I seem to have taken control of things in my life and I’m ready to be me for a change.  Even my doctor said that she would like to have me speak to some of her other patients about being determined and sticking to things.  Believe me, that hasn’t always been me!

There are even people in choir who are calling me skinny now and that just cracks me up.  I could never consider myself skinny but it’s so nice that they say that.  The numbers and the shape of the body mean nothing.  I’ve finally learned that.  It’s the inside part of you that wants to get out and show the world what can be done.

I started this journey by myself but along the way I seem to have picked up friends who like to encourage me.  How awesome is that? God knew I needed this and He stayed with me through all the adjustments.  He got me into conversations with others at the right time.

If you’re thinking about making some changes in your life, do it when it feels right to you.  Don’t let others tell you when you should.  Also, I hate the commercials that say, “If only I had done this ten years ago…”  Don’t fall into that trap.  Rejoice in whatever accomplishments you make and know that you are doing them at the right time for you.

Now, if I can get Hemingway away from the flowers I’m going to go enjoy them.  Thanks for reading.

We’re Mad and So Is Mom!

Last night when Mom came home from work the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and we all got to go outside and play.

You saw pictures of us outside.  We were having so much fun!

Even Champ the dog next door (who is our good buddy) was outside and he was talking to us and telling us what he had done all winter.

Now tonight when Mom came home from work, that stupid white stuff was falling again!!!

Doesn’t the weather know that it’s supposed to be spring?

Mom doesn’t have to do that work stuff tomorrow so she could have played outside with us for a long time tonight.

Instead she said we are all staying inside ‘cuz it’s cold and wet out there.

We want our summer yard back RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!

Yes, we are tired of this winter yard.  It’s no fun!!

Mom even said if we start to picket against winter, she’ll join in with us.  What does picket mean???


Mom says that we have gotten really lazy.  She seems to think that all we do all day long is nap in the sun!

We have been away from the computer for a long time.  Our readers probably think we’ve forgotten how to post things.

But Mom doesn’t know for sure what we do during the day.  I try to tell her in the middle of the night what we’ve been doing….

But she doesn’t like it when we wake her up.  

It’s just so hard to figure out humans.  They just don’t think like us!

Speaking of thinking……..I’ve been busy thinking about this winter stuff.  Mom keeps saying that spring is supposed to be here now but it’s still cold.  She did say that she was able to walk this morning without putting those little clothes on her hands.

Those are called gloves.

That made her happy.  She said the birds are singing and flying around before the big light in the sky wakes up so they must think spring is coming.

That big light is the sun.

Have you looked outside lately?  What did all that white stuff do to that pretty green grass?  It’s all brown now.  I don’t like it.  I hope none of that white stuff ever lands on us ‘cuz we might change colors!!

Shakespeare, you are so goofy.  Let’s go out and check on things.

Maybe if I walk out slowly it will be warmer.
Maybe if I walk out slowly it will be warmer.
Come on....I found some places where you can walk without stepping on the white stuff.
Come on….I found some places where you can walk without stepping on the white stuff.
Oh no......I'm surrounded by white stuff!
Oh no……I’m surrounded by white stuff!
I found a rock to stand on!
I found a rock to stand on!
Hey Hemingway and's me...Champ!  I haven't seen you two in a long time.  Doesn't that sun feel wonderful?
Hey Hemingway and Shakespeare…it’s me…Champ! I haven’t seen you two in a long time. Doesn’t that sun feel wonderful?