We keep reading blogs about fur people and their humans having fun outside in the warm sun.

We don’t have that!!!

We’re getting really testy about what the stupid weather people are allowing to come to our house.

We thought we were all done with that white stuff and the other day more of that stuff came and it’s staying!

We are not happy kitties.

We looked at that long thing on the wall that has all the numbers on it and it says spring is here.

It’s lying and it’s not nice to lie!

We were trying to figure out what’s wrong and we came up with a couple of ideas.  First of all, we’ve talked about this before and nobody listens.  That big bright light in the sky that brings the warmth has not been shining for several days.  We are convinced it needs new batteries.  We keep telling Mom that if she gives us the batteries we’ll try to put them in but all she does is look at us.

Just the other day we were discussing this awful weather and we came up with another idea.

Yes, we don’t know why we didn’t think of this before.  Many of the humans have these big boxes outside that blow cold air into their homes in the summer when it gets hot.

Mom said last summer ours was broken so we didn’t get any cold air to cool us off but then she got a new box and if summer ever comes again she said it will be cool in the house.

Anyway, we are convinced that all these big boxes have been leaking their cold air into space and now there’s a big abundance of cold air and it has taken over the weather here.

All the humans need to check those big boxes and see if they are leaking and if they are, they better fix them right away.

As usual, we’ve discovered that the weather problems can be blamed on the humans.  They need to put new batteries in the bright light in the sky and they need to plug up those big boxes outside so the warm air can come.

Thank you for listening to us.  Please take care of things now ‘cuz we’re getting crabby staying inside!

16 thoughts on “Really?????

  1. I’m sorry you’re cooped up and bored. We put the batteries in here, and it’s going to be 90 today. But still, Sally, Sadie, and Sophie don’t get to go outside and play. They did get a new indoor treehouse, though!

    1. Tell Sadie and Sophie that our Mom only lets us go in our back yard but we’re happy with that. Today we don’t want to go anywhere except in front of the wood burning stove. It’s wet outside and Mom says it’s cold. We don’t think it will ever get to 90 up here! Purrs and soft paw pats to all of you!

  2. Guys I totally understand your frustration…..until the last week or so I was likewise convinced that batteries and outdoor boxes MUST have been at fault when Spring simply would not arrive here. Then out of the blue (sky that is) it HAPPENED – almost overnight – it’s now Spring! So hang in there – I think it will find its way to you as well. Honestl..

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    1. We sure hope you’re right, Sammy. We allow other fur people to tell us what it’s like in their world. Right now our world isn’t very nice ‘cuz it’s dripping outside and Mom says it’s cold. Thanks for giving us some hope that things will change. Purrs and soft paw pats to you!

  3. I can hear how upset you are. It seems like Spring has come and then we are back to cold, rain, wind and not nice weather to be outside. We seldom have 90 degree weather, it is always a surprise when it comes. Hang in there guys, maybe enough will put in batteries and seal up the big boxes to bring Spring and warmer weather very soon.

  4. We were thinking that maybe someone swapped out the sun’s light bulb for one of those cool-burning LED bulbs and that’s why it isn’t as warm as it usually is. We thinks someone will see the error in their ways and fix that shortly. They had better!! Purrs…

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