It Happened Again!

April 23

We woke up to this!  Can you believe it???  However, we figured out what’s happening.

We’re so smart!

You see….the angels have been really craving SnoCones lately.  They’ve been eating them like crazy.

Of course that means they’ve really been working that poor old SnoCone maker like crazy.

In fact……they’ve used it so much that it finally jammed and all the little flakes of ice have been falling down on us.

We really hope the angels get over their SnoCone craze soon.

………..or at least fix that stupid machine!

Morning April 23

Maybe blue sky April 23

Mom says if you look carefully, you can see the buds on the maple tree.  She says that’s a sign that spring might come!

10 thoughts on “It Happened Again!

  1. Yikes…….well, those maple buds are trying their best aren’t they – if the angels would quit ordering SnoCones you’d get that Spring….finally!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. H & S…..sorree ya canna get past de ice fishin stage oh de seezon ta get two de pail oh werms N pic nic basketz seezon…..

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