Let’s Compare Food…….

We noticed a big difference in the meal Mom fixed for the humans and the one she fixed for us.

We’re not complaining ‘cuz we do like our food!

Shakespeare, you like anything that even looks like food!

Well, here’s  a picture of our dishes:

Cats SupperThe food looks good but it’s kind of boring when you look at what Mom fixed for the humans:

SupperLook at all the pretty colors!  She said most of the stuff we wouldn’t like but she didn’t even give us a chance to try it.

Mom, we think you need to dress things up a little for us.

We may be guys, but we like to have fancy things, too.

Maybe some electric candles by our food dishes.  (We don’t want the burny kind of candles ‘cuz our whiskers might get in the way.)

Maybe some nice music.

Maybe we can invite friends over.

Think about it, Mom.  In the meantime, please put more food in our dishes.

Now I Ask You……..

Is this the face of a trouble-maker????

Mr. InnocentSure is!!!

Shakespeare, I wasn’t asking you!

But our readers need to know that you’ve been very bad!

Bad is all in how you interpret it.  Let me explain….

This should be good.

Quiet.  You see, it’s Mom’s fault that she told me that she had some catnip growing by the house on the other side of the gate.  That’s just too tempting for me.  I am a smart kitty so I discovered a way I could get out of the gate and go help  myself to the catnip.  Sometimes Mom gets too busy and she forgets to bring us that fresh catnip.  Anyway, I was out strolling around the other night and Uncle Bob ratted on me.  He saw me over at Champ’s house and he told Mom.  I just wanted to go visit Champ and see if he wanted some catnip.

But Mom told you that you were supposed to stay in the back yard.

Yeah…yeah…..well, I had other plans!  Mom came outside and I heard her calling my name.  She came around the house and spotted me and I knew I was busted.  For some reason I decided to practice my hissing.  Mom was not amused.  She finally picked me up…

Believe me, readers…..that’s not easy for Mom to do ‘cuz Hemingway weighs four hundred gazillion pounds.

Quiet.  So, she picked me up and for some reason I just had to hiss, so I did.  Mom was surprised and told me to be quiet.  Suddenly the catnip took over my whole body and I turned around and bit Mom on the cheek.  I didn’t bite hard and it didn’t leave much of a mark, but she was very disappointed in me.

That wasn’t very nice.

I know!  I think I have a problem with catnip.  Mom says I get aggressive but I don’t know what that means.

You just get mean!

I’m trying to be a better kitty but it’s hard.  When I don’t get enough attention I get bored and then I start knocking everything down.  I’ve been doing a lot of that today and Mom is getting frustrated.  She says she’s going to send me to summer camp if I don’t calm down.

I’ll pack your bag!

I see troubleMan, it would be so quiet if Hemingway went to summer camp………..

Digging in the Dirt Leads to Flowers………

Mom doesn’t want us going out of the back yard so we asked her to show us pictures of what she’s done in the front yard.

She told us we could share them with you.

Flowering CrabMom says this is a flowering crab.  We don’t understand how it can be so crabby when it is so beautiful in the spring.

Front Yard PlanterThis is one of the planters she has out front.  I think those yellow flowers would look better if I stood next to them.  My orange fur would make them stand out even more…..but Mom won’t let me go in the front yard.

Front Yard FlowersMom says this is a flower bed by one of the maple trees out front.  If it’s a bed, does that mean the flowers are sleeping?

Bleeding HeartMom calls this a bleeding heart plant.  I just don’t get it but I think it’s pretty.

PansiesThese are pansies and Mom actually has them in the back yard so we can enjoy them.  Thanks, Mom!

New HibiscusMom said this is her new hibiscus plant.  Look at that color……..it’s almost as gorgeous as me!!!  What’s even better is that she has it on the deck so I can sit and look at it.  I just love it!

Ethel and JackThis is Ethel and Jack.  They aren’t in our yard.  They are across the street playing in a mud puddle.  Mom told us we could not go play with them.

We hope you enjoyed our tour of flowers.  We’ll have to share more when the others start blooming.

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Mom, I'm guarding your cake so Shakespeare doesn't eat it!
Mom, I’m guarding your cake so Shakespeare doesn’t eat it!
I wonder if Mom would like that pretty yellow flower....
I wonder if Mom would like that pretty yellow flower….

We wanted to wish Mom a very special day ‘cuz we know she’s been dealing with that owie.

We thought about putting some baby pictures of her in our blog but we couldn’t find any.

We weren’t even sure if they had cameras way back then……….

Anyway, we decided to put up our baby pictures instead.

Hemingway at PlayHere I am when I was only nine weeks old.  Mom says I was all whiskers and ears!

Shakespeare June 2010This is me when I was only a couple of months old.  Mom knew from the beginning that I would get into lots of things and she also knew I would be very independent.

We hope you enjoyed looking back at our baby pictures, Mom!

Happy Birthday from Your Boys!  We love you!!


Dear Readers, I believe I may have done something.  I think I’m being punished for what I did to Mom last weekend.  I don’t know what’s happening outside but I don’t like it!!

Nobody knows I'm hiding here and they can't blame me for what's going on outside!
Nobody knows I’m hiding here and they can’t blame me for what’s going on outside!
Mom......what did Hemingway do????
Mom……what did Hemingway do????
Is that snow on the grass?
Is that snow on the grass?
Look....the flowers are covered in snow!
Look….the flowers are covered in snow!
This is just not right!
This is just not right!

From the Mom:

Boys, don’t you remember last year when the tree behind us exploded and left “snow” all over the place?  Well, it happened again and since there wasn’t much of a breeze, it just sort of dumped in our yard.

To my boys’ faithful readers, I just want to give you an update on my leg.  I’m still on antibiotics and pain pills and the ankle is still quite red and swollen.  I was so excited yesterday because it actually felt like it was finally starting to heal.  I may have overdone things today and it is very painful tonight.  If it is still quite red and swollen on Monday, I’ll go see my doctor again and probably get more antibiotics.

Speaking from experience, don’t ever treat bites from fur people lightly.  They don’t mean to hurt us human moms and dads, but they have lots of germs in their saliva.  I have also learned not to spook Hemingway, especially when he’s in hunt mode.  Believe me, he is my “Gentle Giant” and I know if he really understood what he did to me he would feel just awful  Both boys mean the world to me and they are doing all they can to make me feel better.

Confession Time

Before you read this, you must raise your paws in the air and promise you will never tell Shakespeare what I’m about to reveal.  If you tell him, I know I’ll never hear the end of it!

First of all, I have to show you a picture.

Infected LegThis is Mom’s leg and it’s my fault that it’s red and swollen and funny looking.  (Mom said the picture I took makes it look much worse than it is, but I can tell you it doesn’t look pretty.)

Let’s go back to Saturday.  All of us were outside ‘cuz it was a sunny day.  Mom was busy planting things in the dirt and Shakespeare and I were busy exploring and watching the dogs that live by us.  Mom went into the garage and I saw my opportunity to explore so I walked in after she came out.  It was dark and spooky in there so Mom followed me in to convince me to go back outside and not get into Uncle Bob’s car stuff.  She was following me and talking to me but then she stopped.  I stopped to check on something and went into my “hunt mode”.  Mom wanted me to keep walking so she gently touched my tail with her foot.  She scared me to death and I did the only thing I knew to do.  I attacked her leg!  She didn’t yell at me but we both got out of the garage.  She told me later that she was bleeding heavily and was afraid it would never stop but it finally did.  Well, yesterday and today things got worse and she had to go to the human vet.  He told her it was infected and he made marks on her leg showing where the red was.  He told her if it spread more she had to come back in right away.  Then he gave her pills to take.  (I hate taking pills.)  Mom came home and she’s resting now.  She said the worst thing the doctor told her was that she can’t go on her daily walks for three whole days.  I know that’s going to make her so crabby and I’m kind of afraid.

Mom told me she wasn’t mad at me ‘cuz it was her fault that she scared me.  I have a wonderful Mom and I’m so sorry I gave her owies.  The reason I decided to confess is that I saw my friend Olivia’s post about confessions.  (www.colehaus cats)  I decided if Olivia could be brave enough to confess, then I should do the same thing.

Confession Time

I’m sorry Mom and I hope you feel better really fast!!!

Mom’s Helpers

Sometimes Mom just gets too busy and we have to help her with things.

For instance, everyone knows how important food is to me.  If there’s even a chance Mom might run out of food for me I start to panic.

Tell the readers the truth.  You go absolutely insane!!  Readers….look what he did to this bag of food Mom got us.


I noticed that you were quite interested in the hole, too!

I did not do this

I made sure I told Mom that I didn’t do it.  She just laughed ‘cuz she said she knows which one of us is a food addict.

Look What I Did

I’m quite proud of what I managed to do!  I saved Mom all the time and trouble of opening the bag.  I even saved her the trouble of feeding me.  I’m so smart and so helpful!