Confession Time

Before you read this, you must raise your paws in the air and promise you will never tell Shakespeare what I’m about to reveal.  If you tell him, I know I’ll never hear the end of it!

First of all, I have to show you a picture.

Infected LegThis is Mom’s leg and it’s my fault that it’s red and swollen and funny looking.  (Mom said the picture I took makes it look much worse than it is, but I can tell you it doesn’t look pretty.)

Let’s go back to Saturday.  All of us were outside ‘cuz it was a sunny day.  Mom was busy planting things in the dirt and Shakespeare and I were busy exploring and watching the dogs that live by us.  Mom went into the garage and I saw my opportunity to explore so I walked in after she came out.  It was dark and spooky in there so Mom followed me in to convince me to go back outside and not get into Uncle Bob’s car stuff.  She was following me and talking to me but then she stopped.  I stopped to check on something and went into my “hunt mode”.  Mom wanted me to keep walking so she gently touched my tail with her foot.  She scared me to death and I did the only thing I knew to do.  I attacked her leg!  She didn’t yell at me but we both got out of the garage.  She told me later that she was bleeding heavily and was afraid it would never stop but it finally did.  Well, yesterday and today things got worse and she had to go to the human vet.  He told her it was infected and he made marks on her leg showing where the red was.  He told her if it spread more she had to come back in right away.  Then he gave her pills to take.  (I hate taking pills.)  Mom came home and she’s resting now.  She said the worst thing the doctor told her was that she can’t go on her daily walks for three whole days.  I know that’s going to make her so crabby and I’m kind of afraid.

Mom told me she wasn’t mad at me ‘cuz it was her fault that she scared me.  I have a wonderful Mom and I’m so sorry I gave her owies.  The reason I decided to confess is that I saw my friend Olivia’s post about confessions.  (www.colehaus cats)  I decided if Olivia could be brave enough to confess, then I should do the same thing.

Confession Time

I’m sorry Mom and I hope you feel better really fast!!!