Dear Readers, I believe I may have done something.  I think I’m being punished for what I did to Mom last weekend.  I don’t know what’s happening outside but I don’t like it!!

Nobody knows I'm hiding here and they can't blame me for what's going on outside!
Nobody knows I’m hiding here and they can’t blame me for what’s going on outside!
Mom......what did Hemingway do????
Mom……what did Hemingway do????
Is that snow on the grass?
Is that snow on the grass?
Look....the flowers are covered in snow!
Look….the flowers are covered in snow!
This is just not right!
This is just not right!

From the Mom:

Boys, don’t you remember last year when the tree behind us exploded and left “snow” all over the place?  Well, it happened again and since there wasn’t much of a breeze, it just sort of dumped in our yard.

To my boys’ faithful readers, I just want to give you an update on my leg.  I’m still on antibiotics and pain pills and the ankle is still quite red and swollen.  I was so excited yesterday because it actually felt like it was finally starting to heal.  I may have overdone things today and it is very painful tonight.  If it is still quite red and swollen on Monday, I’ll go see my doctor again and probably get more antibiotics.

Speaking from experience, don’t ever treat bites from fur people lightly.  They don’t mean to hurt us human moms and dads, but they have lots of germs in their saliva.  I have also learned not to spook Hemingway, especially when he’s in hunt mode.  Believe me, he is my “Gentle Giant” and I know if he really understood what he did to me he would feel just awful  Both boys mean the world to me and they are doing all they can to make me feel better.

10 thoughts on “WHAT????????????????

  1. Ouch! I’m sorry you got bitten, though I know Shakespeare didn’t mean it. I have been bitten a number of times, and as you have discovered, being bitten by a cat is nothing to ignore. I hope your leg heals quickly and you are feeling better soon.

    Island Cats’ mom

    1. Hemingway here…..I would love it if Shakespeare was to blame for the bite on Mom’s foot, but I have to confess it was me. She went to the human vet again today and is on more pills. I guess I better never bite her again….even if it’s totally by accident.

  2. Do keep an eye on that leg! You humans and your overdoing things – you don’t always seem to realize that you can’t hurry healing. You are very smart to take this injury so seriously.

  3. We’re SO sad to hear your leg is still not back 100%…..hope the antibiotics work SOON (no doubt you do as well!). I don’t mean to scratch my Mum either but “things happen”……and you’re right – we are germy little critters and it’s best to treat our scratches and bites ASAP. As for the snow in your yard – YIPES! Those cottonwood trees make a big old mess don’t they?!?!?!?!?!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    1. Sammy,
      Mom has more pills to take so we’re hoping this time they work. She’s still limping around so at least it’s harder for her to chase us if we’re getting into something naughty. (Of course we would NEVER do that!!!)

  4. Looks like you aren’t being punished after all, Hemingway. And certainly your Mom is concerned about you. She is a sweetheart and loves you both so very much. I’ll bet she would like some loving from you.

  5. H * S !!!! whoa…for a breef minit we thinked ya mewved ta like iceland ore sumthin !!! glad itz just a tree mess…hope full a BURD free tree mess….N pleez ta tell yur mom if her soaks her ankle in Epsom saltz it mite help…we hope by de times her reeds thiz her iz bak on de road ta ree cover ree !!! Hemingway…dood…yur mom noes ya dinna meen ta turn tiger on her 🙂

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