Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Mom, I'm guarding your cake so Shakespeare doesn't eat it!
Mom, I’m guarding your cake so Shakespeare doesn’t eat it!
I wonder if Mom would like that pretty yellow flower....
I wonder if Mom would like that pretty yellow flower….

We wanted to wish Mom a very special day ‘cuz we know she’s been dealing with that owie.

We thought about putting some baby pictures of her in our blog but we couldn’t find any.

We weren’t even sure if they had cameras way back then……….

Anyway, we decided to put up our baby pictures instead.

Hemingway at PlayHere I am when I was only nine weeks old.  Mom says I was all whiskers and ears!

Shakespeare June 2010This is me when I was only a couple of months old.  Mom knew from the beginning that I would get into lots of things and she also knew I would be very independent.

We hope you enjoyed looking back at our baby pictures, Mom!

Happy Birthday from Your Boys!  We love you!!

23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

  1. a veree happee birthday ta yur mom H & S…we hope her day iz fun filled; her getz lotz oh cake N mice creem; tell her ta eat plentee oh trout N ham samiches N we hope her getz a 2014 FURRareez car in ….green !!! happee day two ewe mizzus hemingway shakespeare ~~~~~~~~~

  2. Hey, kitties, you need to give Mom extra nuzzzles, purrs and kisses today. You are the luckiest kitties in the world to have such a special human to love and spoil you.

  3. Happy B-day to you, Happy B-day to you, Happy B-day Miss Pam, Happy B-day to you!!!!!!! And many mmooorrrrreeee

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom. You boys were so nice to do this special post for her.Bet it gets you both some extra treats and scritches. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  5. hi shakespeare and hemingway… could you please tell your mom happy birthday… sending kitty hugs and purrs …. from kitty cat Star 🙂

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