Digging in the Dirt Leads to Flowers………

Mom doesn’t want us going out of the back yard so we asked her to show us pictures of what she’s done in the front yard.

She told us we could share them with you.

Flowering CrabMom says this is a flowering crab.  We don’t understand how it can be so crabby when it is so beautiful in the spring.

Front Yard PlanterThis is one of the planters she has out front.  I think those yellow flowers would look better if I stood next to them.  My orange fur would make them stand out even more…..but Mom won’t let me go in the front yard.

Front Yard FlowersMom says this is a flower bed by one of the maple trees out front.  If it’s a bed, does that mean the flowers are sleeping?

Bleeding HeartMom calls this a bleeding heart plant.  I just don’t get it but I think it’s pretty.

PansiesThese are pansies and Mom actually has them in the back yard so we can enjoy them.  Thanks, Mom!

New HibiscusMom said this is her new hibiscus plant.  Look at that color……..it’s almost as gorgeous as me!!!  What’s even better is that she has it on the deck so I can sit and look at it.  I just love it!

Ethel and JackThis is Ethel and Jack.  They aren’t in our yard.  They are across the street playing in a mud puddle.  Mom told us we could not go play with them.

We hope you enjoyed our tour of flowers.  We’ll have to share more when the others start blooming.

11 thoughts on “Digging in the Dirt Leads to Flowers………

    1. Mom says we have lots of those pretty “yellow flowers” as well so there’s still work to do. We try to help by chewing down the weeds….but sometimes we get the wrong things and Mom has to instruct us. Doesn’t she know that fur people do their own thing? 😉

    1. Sam………we think it would be great fun to sniff the ducks. Mom said she used to have pet ducks when she was younger. We wonder why she won’t get some now. We promise not to chase them……………too much! 😉

  1. H & S…trust uz…ya dont want any thing ta due with de over lee large stooooooooooooooopid burds…ethel N jack….

    N say, wunder if de crab tree makes for a nice samich…ya noe, we haz knot had crab in a while….thanx for de lunch tip guys !!

  2. So pretty! Looks like spring really is here….and here comes summer in just a few days. Maybe you’ll get some summer playtime with Ethel and Jack. Purrs…

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