Now I Ask You……..

Is this the face of a trouble-maker????

Mr. InnocentSure is!!!

Shakespeare, I wasn’t asking you!

But our readers need to know that you’ve been very bad!

Bad is all in how you interpret it.  Let me explain….

This should be good.

Quiet.  You see, it’s Mom’s fault that she told me that she had some catnip growing by the house on the other side of the gate.  That’s just too tempting for me.  I am a smart kitty so I discovered a way I could get out of the gate and go help  myself to the catnip.  Sometimes Mom gets too busy and she forgets to bring us that fresh catnip.  Anyway, I was out strolling around the other night and Uncle Bob ratted on me.  He saw me over at Champ’s house and he told Mom.  I just wanted to go visit Champ and see if he wanted some catnip.

But Mom told you that you were supposed to stay in the back yard.

Yeah…yeah…..well, I had other plans!  Mom came outside and I heard her calling my name.  She came around the house and spotted me and I knew I was busted.  For some reason I decided to practice my hissing.  Mom was not amused.  She finally picked me up…

Believe me, readers…..that’s not easy for Mom to do ‘cuz Hemingway weighs four hundred gazillion pounds.

Quiet.  So, she picked me up and for some reason I just had to hiss, so I did.  Mom was surprised and told me to be quiet.  Suddenly the catnip took over my whole body and I turned around and bit Mom on the cheek.  I didn’t bite hard and it didn’t leave much of a mark, but she was very disappointed in me.

That wasn’t very nice.

I know!  I think I have a problem with catnip.  Mom says I get aggressive but I don’t know what that means.

You just get mean!

I’m trying to be a better kitty but it’s hard.  When I don’t get enough attention I get bored and then I start knocking everything down.  I’ve been doing a lot of that today and Mom is getting frustrated.  She says she’s going to send me to summer camp if I don’t calm down.

I’ll pack your bag!

I see troubleMan, it would be so quiet if Hemingway went to summer camp………..