Let’s Compare Food…….

We noticed a big difference in the meal Mom fixed for the humans and the one she fixed for us.

We’re not complaining ‘cuz we do like our food!

Shakespeare, you like anything that even looks like food!

Well, here’s  a picture of our dishes:

Cats SupperThe food looks good but it’s kind of boring when you look at what Mom fixed for the humans:

SupperLook at all the pretty colors!  She said most of the stuff we wouldn’t like but she didn’t even give us a chance to try it.

Mom, we think you need to dress things up a little for us.

We may be guys, but we like to have fancy things, too.

Maybe some electric candles by our food dishes.  (We don’t want the burny kind of candles ‘cuz our whiskers might get in the way.)

Maybe some nice music.

Maybe we can invite friends over.

Think about it, Mom.  In the meantime, please put more food in our dishes.