The Mom Speaks: 

I can tell my “boys” are related to me.  They have absolutely no patience at all!

Here’s a picture of Shakespeare checking out the new bag of food I brought home.

New Bag of Food

Now here’s what he did to the bag.  If you look closely you will see a hole that dear Shakespeare made in the bag because I wasn’t moving fast enough to open it!   He was also checking to make sure it was made in the USA!

Shakespeare Helping Himself

Then there’s Hemingway.  He decided to just help himself to the container where I had put their food.

Hemingway Helping Himself

Yes, when it comes to eating, these guys have no patience at all!!!

Mom Went to the Dogs

Shakespeare!!!  Are you really going to put that as the title?

Why not?  That’s what she did.

Our readers aren’t going to understand.

Well, you explain then.  I need to take a nap.


While Shakespeare takes yet another nap, I’ll try to explain what happened.  Mom’s been gone for all sorts of days ‘cuz she said she was taking care of dogs for some human friends of hers.  I don’t know why she had to go live with the dogs, but she did stop and visit us a few times during all those days.  Today she finally came home and brought that suitcase thing with her so we figure she’s back to stay again.

Yawn………..are you done now?  Did you tell them what Mom saw when she came home?

Oh, I almost forgot.  She drove up in the driveway and looked over to the left and this is what she saw:

Duck FamilyIt made us wonder if our mothers ever took us for walks when we were really little.

I’m so happy Mom’s home now.  Here’s a picture of me on Mom’s lap.  It’s hard to tell ‘cuz I’m so close, but I’m really happy.

On Mom's LapI like sleeping on my pillow or maybe I should say I like sleeping on any pillow no matter who it belongs to!

Sound AsleepI also like those little naps in the sun.

Sun NappingMom claims that the reason we haven’t been writing anything on our blog is because we’ve been too lazy and haven’t taken care of things while she was gone.  Here’s my response:

Are You Going Away Again

Show and Tell

Here’s a picture of us getting along.

Boys love to play

I was trying to show Hemingway that there was lots of room under there for him to hide but he was too lazy to move.  So I lifted the rug even higher.

Boys at playWhy should I hide under the rug?  I didn’t do anything wrong……….yet.

Here we are after Mom gave us some really good nip from the garden.

Boys on nipWe were so relaxed!

We both love fresh nip!

Hemingway on nipYep….that nip just goes to my head.

Shakespeare on nipI’m a little more refined in showing my appreciation ‘cuz I’m such a gentleman.

Oh sure………Now here are some pictures of us after we spent most of the day outside in all that fresh air and sunshine.

Hemingway nappingJust wake me when it’s time to eat.

Shakespeare nappingDon’t disturb me.  I’m dreaming of fresh nip and butterflies.


Don't tell Mom I'm here.
Don’t tell Mom I’m here.

Shakespeare, why are you hiding?  I’m the one who had the awful weekend.

I know, but I’m afraid the same thing may happen to me.  Why don’t you tell everyone about your adventure.

It started off as such a good holiday weekend.  Mom was going to be home from work for four whole days and we knew that meant we would get lots of outside time and probably extra treats.  Everything was going great until Saturday morning.  Before I knew it, Mom had picked me up and carried me out struggling and meowing to the car.  She actually put me in the car and thought she was going to drive away with me.  I wanted to make a run for it, but she got the door closed.  I just sat on her lap and yelled at her.  She told me I was just going to the doctor’s house and that everything would be fine.  No way.  That was NOT what  I wanted to do.  She carried me into the doctor’s house and I let everyone know I was there.  However, Mom was really proud of me ‘cuz she sat me down on the chair next to her and I just stayed there and glared at the lady behind the desk.   Mom didn’t have me in a carrier and she didn’t have one of those leash things on me but I figured it would be best for me to stay put and glare.  So I did.

Before long I was in a smaller room and that’s when the humiliation began.  First off, they put me in the tray and WEIGHED me!!!!  Who on earth wants to be weighed???

Walk away from the scale now!  You are not going to see how much I weigh.
Walk away from the scale now! You are not going to see how much I weigh.
This is not my best side.
This is not my best side.

Before long the doctor man came into the room.  Now I will admit that I like him.  He’s known me since I was a little kitten.  He started looking me over and I won’t ever tell you how he took my temperature!  That’s just rude!

I was real good while the doctor man checked me.
I was real good while the doctor man checked me.

He told Mom that I had to do more exercises.  Can you believe it?  I don’t eat as much as Shakespeare but what I eat seems to stay with me.  Mom said she understood why she was getting bruises from me jumping on her in the middle of the night.  I’m a BIG kitty!  I found out I weigh a little over 21 pounds.  The doctor man didn’t have to tell Mom that!  Then he actually had the nerve to give me two shots.  However, he was amazed at how calm I was when he did that.  Little did he know that inside I was saying some naughty things.

What happens if Mom signs me up for Biggest Losers?
What happens if Mom signs me up for Biggest Losers?

Before long, the doctor man said I was doing good and I could go home and tell Shakespeare all about my adventure.  I can’t wait until he has to go see the doctor man!!

From the Mom:  Hemingway really is good when he goes to see the doctor man.  He does have to go in and have his teeth cleaned but I haven’t told him that.  He had been reading about his friends the Colehaus Cats and their adventures at the doctor’s house so he figured he could share his “tail of woe” as well.   I must admit I was rather proud of Hemingway.  He acted like such a gentleman.  He did do lots of “singing” in the car on the way over and the way home, but over there he was very meek and mild.  Now when Shakespeare goes to see the doctor man, it’s a different story.  He has to go in a carrier and he is not quiet at all.  The boys are very much individuals.

A Friend in Need of a Home

Mom got a note from a human friend of hers who has a kitty looking for a forever home.  We decided we would do what we could to help ‘cuz we’re both adopted and we know how important it is to have a home.


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My name is Punky – short for Pumpkin.

My human left this world and didn’t take me with her.       I am looking for another human to let me live with him/her.        I am a pretty good companion cat.       I know my name.       I come when you call me  –  most of the time.       I am a cat, you know   –   I do have to maintain my reputation of being somewhat independent!       I don’t necessarily like to be held, especially for a long time.        But I do like to be petted   and   brushed – a lot!      Especially under my chin!       I am a really good purr-er.      I like to play with my toys and toss them up on the couch.       Sometimes I test my human and jump up on the couch to see if you will tell me to get off!         I love to look out the window, but I don’t go outside.       I never have!       I am an indoor cat!       I have been declawed and neutered.       Some people say I am the largest cat they have ever seen.       But others say I am only the second largest cat they know.                      Picture2

 I am 12 – 14 years old with no health issues.       I don’t like human food.      I eat only Friskies Seafood. 

If anyone is interested in Punky, just let Mom know and she will put you in touch with Punky’s foster-mother.  I know she would like a nice home soon.

We hate to see fur people who don’t have homes so we hope someone can help.

We think Punky’s really cute but Mom said the two of us are enough for her to handle right now.

What does she mean by that???????????

Happy Fourth of July!

Flowers for the FourthMom has this pretty basket of flowers and she said it’s to help celebrate the Fourth of July.

We have our own way of celebrating!

My foot is dirtyI’m going to start by making sure my feet are nice and clean.

Jungle KittyI’m going to do my best “Jungle Kitty” pose.

And we’re both just going to relax and enjoy the day!

Happy Fourth

Just Resting

We hope all of our readers have a wonderful Fourth of July as we celebrate our freedom.